Lets Do The Jackal Creep! (Ready, Set, Hide!)

Dexter_The_Creep1so earlier today,
i decided to go and get some gnc multivitamins.
it makes no sense that when i wake up,
i’m ready to take my ass right back to sleep.
i havent taken multivitamins in a while,
but when i did,
i usually had a ton of energy.
since i start this job tomorrow,
i can’t be feeling like death especially on my first day.
so when i got to gnc and i saw this person at the corner…

…def didn’t think anything of it.
def wasn’t my type.
he was all kinds of dust bunny.
no hair cut in weeks.
shoes was burnt the fuck up.
2001 rocafella hoody.
breath looking like it smelled of stale baloney and slard.
he was all in my face tho.
he tried to get my attention,
but i’m good here.
why is it the dusty ones want to be the bold ones?
as im in gnc,
why did i see that same dude from corner peering into the window?!?!?!!?
like every bit of wtf???!??!
as i’m walking out,
i pretend like i was gonna take that left turn…
…but ended up taking that right on his ass.
i had to go to staples to get some pens and a notebook.
he gonna jump and acted like he was looking at his phone.
 a dusty jackal on the creep mission.
he isn’t the first ive seen doing that.
jackals like to hang out in the streets like street walkers.
even with all of that dusty,
someone would have still fucked him.
wasn’t gonna be me tho.
if he had followed me into staples tho…
we would’ve had a serious issue.

tumblr_lzayh08Zyk1qknerto1_500lowkey: i should have bought these multivitamins friday.
have them in my system by tomorrow.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

8 thoughts on “Lets Do The Jackal Creep! (Ready, Set, Hide!)”

  1. I haven’t said this, but congrats on the gig. Your blogging is one of the highlights of my day, and I’m glad the Karma Gods are paying you back. Can’t wait to here about everything you go through in your first week.

    1. ^thank you r!
      its only tomorrow and then a 3 more days next month and december.
      just a temp job…
      and i do mean temp.
      i have an interview on tuesday with another agency.
      temp agencies are usually the best bet nowadays it seems.

  2. He was determined to get you boi lol. I give you big props cause you must be bad. Everyone can’t make people go crazy like that lol You got dudes looking through windows.

    Good Luck tomorrow.

  3. J.Mar was stalked.Luckily you stayed around crowds, he might’ve been fresh out of prison, and they only know one way to get booty, which is without your consent.I bet you do look good.Probably got vixens stalking you as well.

    I wonder if J.Mar has posted a picture of himself as MEAT to see the responses.It was probably one of the ass only pics.Speaking of ass only pics, I found a real good one.It’s a big yellow mutt butt.

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