Yeezus Wants You To Know He Owns That Kardashian

1382291151_kanye-west-gthe only way to troll.
can i just say i love yeezus antics?
he makes life worth living every time i tune into his reality show.
yeezus decided to sport a t-shirt of his baby mama at his concert.
you might remember this picture here…

77672_cc_CrazyForKim_06_Kim_Kardashian_123_843loher playboy shoot!
aww well how romantic!

39dc8d25btw look at the concert gear yeezus is selling on his tour:

tumblr_m8gwtavbVN1qha8lao1_500i don’t know if i’m mad at the┬áconfederate flags
or the fact he is selling shirts you can get for 10 dollars at the army barracks store.

Author: jamari fox

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2 thoughts on “Yeezus Wants You To Know He Owns That Kardashian”

  1. He’s acting like Lady Gaga.Using gimmicks to get publicity and sell records.He needs to get back to being the musical genius he claims he is and stop trying to be outrageous or else his career will become “KANEY WEST, WHAT WILL HE SAY OR DO NEXT.”People will start forgetting he makes music.Just look at Britney Spears as an example.Poor thing will never be the down to earth southern chick she used to be.2006 was probably the last time we saw that girl.A failed marriage and a few babies later, now she’s just a nervous mental wreck.I miss the days when I’d look forward to seeing Britney perform.I hope I won’t have the same words for Kanye.We all know he and Kim won’t last.There entire relationship is based on status.Those types of relationships never work out.Kanye should’ve stayed with that tall slender model chick.He wouldn’t have to worry about her being a thirsty media whore.Now Kim’s mom will be trying to pimp North.Just watch, Kris is gonna have North in the studio making an album as soon as she’s able to speak.

  2. I agree with President Obama that Kanye West is an ass. Every other thing I hear from him is stupid, foolish or uncalled for. And his baby mama got her fame from a sex tape. Yet, they are “winning”. That says much about the taste of many Americans–low taste.

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