The DOWN LOW Baller Wolf… and The Fox Who Loves Him.

one of my foxes sent me this video with the title WATCH NOW.
i had to post this.
it turned me on HEAVY.
i’m sure this is the story of many foxes who are being sponsored.
some get overly attached and become clingy.
others know how to play their role.
my thing is…
you know what you were getting into.
why act surprised?

anyway, check below…


his body was nice.
just how i like it.
but, did he not fuck the dog shit out of ol boy?
and did he not cum inside him too?
they had that headboard knocking down something serious.
i never watched this show.
but, i did watch one episode when they introduced the baller wolf to the series.
i wonder how the story ended up

…as with my other foxes out there who mess with baller wolves.

19 thoughts on “The DOWN LOW Baller Wolf… and The Fox Who Loves Him.

  1. Guys need to stop letting a single fuck getting their mind confused. If it’s a one night stand take it for what it is and move on. Don’t attempt to keep dude around if he doesn’t want to be, you can’t make him stay. I don’t care if the dick or ass has you doing cartwheels and backflips in your front yard. I’m sure dude is aware that it’s that good anyway. LOL. If you are kickin it with a dude who needs to keep up his appearances you might as well get ready for a heartbreak real quick. It won’t last because at the end of the day the dude will becomes selfish and focuses on his reputataion and other things. He’s either going to be really be homophobic in public, or he will put a beard on his arm and show her attention, possibly even marraige. Basketball and Football players, and Frat Brothers are the worst, along with popular people in the music industry.IMO. We CAN NOT compete with women, they will always win.

  2. I’m not gonna lie it’s real easy to get dickmatized. I had wolf who had the cock of God’s and I became so obsessed with him to the point I was Facebook and twitter stalking my ass. He broke my heart and that’s it. Low-key it’s the reason I’m not even open for love or relationships anymore

  3. people need to know who they are fucking.
    they go into it with “oh i got a fat ass” or “i got some good dick” and only think with that aspect of their brain.
    if you go into it knowing this nigga is down low and more than likely we just gonna fuck…
    you better fuck the shit out of him, suck his dick, and then keep it moving.
    more than likely he is a fantasy that came to life.
    he wants you again, he calls you.
    just the way i see it.

    1. I don’t think it just applies to dudes you know are D.L., but the ones who have given you no indication they like men, but dudes keep searching for some tell.

      This straight dude said something at work that was so real even the gays agreed. He said you can’t be too friendly with (some) gay men because even if you tell them you’re straight they take that as a challenge. They take the crumbs of attention or basic human kindness men give them and run with it.

      I learned early on a fuck is just a fuck. I fucked with hardcore dl men that schooled me on game early on.

      They are not coming out for you, no matter how much you fuck/suck them on command.

      Their self-preservation is way more important than you’ll ever be.

      Maybe I’m going too hard in the paint, but if all this knowledge makes some dude stop and think “I need to break this affinity I have for unavailable men and search for something that has a viable future”, I’ve done my good deed for the year.

      1. ^ive been guilty of that.
        I’m not gonna deny.
        Falling for dude who I felt lead me to a sign.
        When you mature to the point of where I have lately,
        You realize everything you said makes sense.

        We as men in this lifestyle suffer from loneliness.
        The men in the lifestyle aren’t shit.
        Some of these dudes are either so fem, mega whores, a fox who you thought was a wolf, and chalked full of HIV.
        The men you think are in the lifestyle aren’t shit either.
        They are usually straight or using gays to stroke their ego.
        so it looks like a #loss.

        So, I can see why some find comfort in an unattainable man.
        They feel they met someone who may just be different from all the stereotypes.
        He is masculine, paying you attention, and pretty much perfect.

        But, people need to learn.
        You learned, I learned, and even luckey learned.
        I don’t go hard on anyone because being gay is hard as it is.
        Some people end up with their fantasy and some people realize it was a dream they need to wake up from.
        It sucks,
        but when you come to that point of realization,
        You realize only YOU, your future, and your money should matter.

        i learned a long time ago to have compassion because ive been there and i get it.
        i even slip and fuck up.
        does that make me a bad person?
        makes me human and makes me realize the common denominator still needs work: me.
        people need to fuck up so they can have a testimony.

        ok im done lol

  4. Luckeystar better fuckin preach!

    Watch everyone’s going to ACT like they get it, but you can’t put these dudes on real game. They have to get played over and over and over again.

    Unavailable, unattainable men are always going to be more attractive, and therefore winning..

      1. I get tired of seeing/reading the same shit with these dudes.

        “Trade picked up my pen in class and looked me in my eye….HE’S IN LOVE WITH ME!”

        Wait what?

        Honestly, I have more respect for out dudes who only date out men or at least discreet men who can at least ADMIT they like men.

        These dudes out here in love with dudes who could never even say they like them back. Smh.

        I don’t know whether to laugh or weep for them.

    1. I ain’t time for that. I lust after MEN but I won’t fuck with a dude who won’t acknowledge himself or me. He would be the SAME dude to put a hole in your head, just to prove to his ‘boys’ how much he hates the ‘fags’. #NOSIR

      1. Long story short, ‘straight’ men who fuck men don’t want nothing to do with other then sex. Don’t think you can ‘convert’ them. You will only make matters worse. If it’s a business transaction, make your coins and bounce. Fuck his feelings cause he aint thinking about yours. He will ALWAYS pick his family over you!

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