Your 38th Thought… (38)

who approved this cover?
no seriously


11 thoughts on “Your 38th Thought… (38)

  1. 1st thought: Ewww I don’t dyke

    2nd thought: What gives with the child porn

    Someone really should tell him he doesn’t look like Usher when he as 18 and had abs. He seriously looks like a malnourished sex slave from Europe

  2. Bad pic. He’s cute, so they should have took a better pic. I’m not a fan, but I think he’s going to be bad in the future. Y’all gone wake up one day and he’s going to have some muscles and facial hair, and y’all will be singing a different tune.

    1. ^^THIS! I swear I thought this was a butch lesbian…or a transitioning FTM transsexual

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