The Workout Warrior That I’m NOT Impressed With.

so there is this guy that i find interesting.
nice looking bald head gentleman.
first time i saw him,
he went on a date with this ratchet old chick who was looking for a man.
i rolled my eyes at her not choosing him.
lowkey, i was glad because that left him free….
…. for me to get my paws on him.

let me reveal who he is…

i mean, he is okay.
no need to gas his head up letting him know his body is nice.
no need to let him know the veins under his abs are making me think things i shouldn’t.
… no need!


i’m not even impressed.
i could handle that and him.
i mean, what?
do i look shook?
i could do that in my sleep.

i really need you to cum harder than that dolvett.

lowkey: i’m scared.
but when he gets aggressive.
that turns me on so heavy.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

5 thoughts on “The Workout Warrior That I’m NOT Impressed With.”

  1. That nigga’s mouth in the second video…….O_o What in the holy hungry hungry hippos Chicklet gum teeth he got going on? That shit looks scary…

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