SEXY WOLF: Let Me Love You (Until You Love Yourself)

look i aint got no time to be loving some mofo
who dont love himself.
what this look like?
a free therapy session?
putting up with cho low self worth having ass.
i said, auh-iight?

shoot let me think about it.


…. but seriously tho,
neyo has a new track.
ready for it?


i can see the snow foxes letting this song have it at some gay club in chelsea.

neyo got some healthy pecs tho.
i’d like to suck on them like a newborn.

lowkey: i feel ya’ll maybe slighty ignorant in this comment box.
i’ll proceed to be quite.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

12 thoughts on “SEXY WOLF: Let Me Love You (Until You Love Yourself)”

  1. Nice song.

    Yo he is bad as fuck, he really looks good. I don’t care what you guys say. I wanna take him on a test drive, a long one at that.

  2. It’s a cute song. Don’t really care to see the video…Neyo is cool….I guess….

    He lives in Mableton Ga….nice house….

    I respect Neyo (rather he is one of us or not.) he making that bread with his songwriting skills!

  3. I’m not feeling Neyo anymore he lost his swag. Jamari did you watch the season premiere of L.A Complex? I feel like Kal represents almost every wolf I ever known smh

    1. ^i posted all the episodes with all their scenes.
      this was when it was in canada.
      kal is sexy though.
      i haven’t met a true definition of kal.
      they start off as “kal” and then start making me uncomfortable.

      but i’d do kal.

        1. ^yeah that was sad.
          but, how you gonna kiss with the door open tho?
          that is what happens when you turn “kal” out.
          “kal” is just use to meeting jackals and hyenas and making that one night drop.
          you meet him and he starts to really dig you, but is hard pressed about being un-detectable.
          you play you role while he starts getting comfortable and starts to get sloppy.
          never fails.

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