Place My Wants and Needs Over Your Resistance…

(love this track…)

i secretly love a cocky negro.
i have dreams of turning him out.
making him realize that i am the only one in control of that… cock.
i have lowkey issues with being in control.

but, this no name cocky negro rapper got my attention yesterday.
well, i think it was my fantasy of sitting on his face really…

everyone meet J-Star.
he’s new.
typical rapper talking about money, cars, and hoes – all a nigga knows.
yadda yadda yadda.
but, let’s talk about the wonderment that is his lips in a couple of his videos…


i need to hear a few more songs.
i can’t take any rapper serious who is new to the game,
but flossing big money.
well, besides meek and drake.
meek is riding with ross = automatic dough.
drake is with ymcmb and jewish = permanent long supreme dough.

but, we’ll see how j star pops.
this fox will just admire his lips until then.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

One thought on “Place My Wants and Needs Over Your Resistance…”

  1. I can’t fuck with a rapper, ESPECIALLY if he is a newbie. Don’t let all that money flashing in videos and shit fool you. Most of these rappers are BROKE.

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