When We Role Play…. (38)



in the foxhole,
there is a section in the back where i turn the gambling spot into a dance floor ever so often.
everyone shows up to get their party on.
it tends to be a huge event and everyone leaves pretty satisfied.

you have been dancing about 90 hundred songs and your feet is hurting.
… and it has been with this one particular fella who can’t get his hands off you.
he wants you, but in a more sexual way.
that means he is ready to go to one of the “back rooms” in the foxhole and get it in.
(my “back rooms” are specially made for the fornicators)

will you go?

did i mention he is visiting this country from Jamaica and he is leaving tomorrow?

oh, how he looks?
well check him out….


Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

9 thoughts on “When We Role Play…. (38)”

  1. It’s going down, and he’s cute too. I’m not for one night stands, but if dude is leaving and I’m feelin his vibe I might as well have some fun with him, that would only be fair. I would keep in touch with him while he’s in Jamacia, but only as a friend tho.

    LOL@the gif.

  2. Sure, why not? He has some nice DSLs…and island bois know how to wine, so he can throw that azz back. Wouldn’t be the first time I’ve fvcked in the club *shrug*

  3. No. Who knows that he’s carrying. Not about to fuck me stupid and leave me with a gift while you’re traveling your happy ass back to Jamaica.

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