madonna’s son david has what it takes to stop police brutality against black folks

i made ^this same reaction at this following story.
ya know,
i fucks with madonna.
when i want to be a spiritual and unapologetic whore,
i turn on her music.
one of my biggest problems with madonna is she can’t seem to find a seat.
even in a furniture store,
she wouldn’t be able to locate one chair.
madonna was feeling like she needed to speak out in regards of george floyd.
she got her son,
to do it instead and well…
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Is David The Dictator of (Wolf) Bawdy Goals?

i call upon you now…
i saw ^this wolf today and HAD to post him on the ( x ig foxhole ).
he was too fine and he is very focused on becoming a full meal.
not even a snack.
a meal.
everyone meet david from the dmv
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jeffrey_havesJEFFERY IS SUCH A CREEP!!!!!!
did ya’ll see that sly hug on the couch????
then he gonna slip up and confessed wanting to sleep with wyatt.
wyatt nearly went to raggin n taggin that ass.
jeffery is officially now “single black queen”.
he better go get that chick’s phone and throw it in a lake.
veronica was the real beast.
that speech she gave david tho…
she nearly ripped david’s head off and rode through the town with it on a spike.
next week looks like it’s going to get it poppington.
please tell me someone watched it last night?
if not:

x watch it here now now now

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lowkey: benny.
tyler lepley makes my foxi senses buzz a little.
i could be wrong tho.