stay-on-the-grind-never-sleepi always hear people talking about “no sleep!”.
“the grind dont stop!”
“you’ll sleep when you’re dead!”
well this intern did just that…

A University of Michigan student and Bank of America intern dropped dead in London, reportedly after working a string of around-the-clock shifts.

German national Moritz Erhardt, 21, had been an undergraduate exchange student at Michigan’s Ross School of Business from January through May of this year, officials said.

He was found dead Thursday at Claredale House, a student residential facility in East London. Police and bank officials said the death was not suspicious.

“He was popular amongst his peers and was a highly diligent intern at our company with a promising future,” according to a Bank of America statement. “Our first thoughts are with his family and we send our condolences to them at this difficult time.”

Erhardt’s death brought light to the internship program’s allegedly brutal work hours.

He had worked three consecutive near-24-hour shifts when he was found dead in the shower of his apartment, according to The Independent.

An anonymous poster on Web site the site said: “He was found dead in the shower by his flatmate. Intern at BAML [Banking of America and Merrill Lynch] who went home at 6am three days in a row.”

One former investment banker told the UK newspaper that Bank of America interns regularly work 14-hours days.

“Interns can regularly clock up to 100 or even 110 hours a week, but people are fully aware that banking is hard work and the company constantly reminds you to manage upwards in order to not overheat,” the banker said.

see i’m all for working hard,
but when these negros start talking this “no sleep” shit,
i look at them crazy.
i’m not for them work horse hours.
i’ve pulled all nighters before,
but best believe when i hit that bed,
i was getting that much needed beauty rest.
what i look like with bags under my eyes?
you need rest.
your body always needs a recharge.
don’t follow these idiots in thinkin’ it not okay.
like you are missing opportunities at 4am.
most of the ones screaming “no sleep” been screaming it for the last 5 years.
no come up yet.

source: fox news


  1. I learned long ago, that these companies gives no fucks about you. The Boss is at home enjoying himself, while you are working your ass off. I am only working like that for myself, I always make sure I do less as possible on any gig real talk, I am going to be content with as less stress as possible. I have seen countless people who have died way before their time being stressed out and eating bad and not exercising because they were trying to keep up with the Jones and stay in the rat race. I am always going to put myself first no matter what. I used to be this crazy workaholic and I started seeing those who kissed ass and made connections were the ones who were rewarded and got the promotions. Something in me changed and I have never looked back and most of my co-workers know I give no fucks and I only do just enough to get a check. You can have management. I would rather be able to go home and enjoy life instead of worrying about grown ass people and other people money and property on a job. I dont have to have it all, only enough to be able to travel, drink and eat with friends, and pay the required bills. I hope like hell, I can win the damn lottery, so I can tell Mr. Man to take his damn job and shove it. RIP young man, but it aint worth it, and Im sure he was probably doing some substance to keep going, this is really sad that he never got a chance to really experience all that life has to offer.

  2. Wow ill never forget my intern they had me doing every small job in there. But I took FREQUENT smoke breaks and enjoyed my days off.

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