8 thoughts on “MEAT: (396)

  1. Mmmm I would love to give him a rim job. But his back remind me of a scene I saw on HBO of a guy was kissing his boyfriend’s back as he was making his way down.

  2. Fuuuucccccckkkkk!!!!!! That is the perfect wolf pose. I love the way his shorts are draped on his ass. Can u imagine waking up one morning, walking into the kitchen, and seeing him in front of the fridge? If I had a wolf who looked like that, I would even let him drink out the milk carton.

  3. A little light for me lol, but I give this bruh mad props for that body, as someone who has worked his ass off for a new body, I can always appreciate dudes who have great bodies, another inspiration to forego a cookie when I start craving one lol, seeing this work of art.

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