Maravilla Drops His Towel

Screen Shot 2015-08-23 at 1.46.24 AMi’m just going to say it:

maravilla is sexier than borrell jr

even tho they both have the “attentionisto” spirit all over them,
maravilla seems to have a natural sex appeal.
plus he looks like he would be better in bed.
i could be wrong.
well maravilla decided to tease his audience with a video he deleted quickly.
well the foxhole alerted me and i got it before he got rid of it…
















tumblr_lz3m1jLzWc1r7drv2o1_500he looks like he is packin’ some meat.
just a hunch.
maravilla also shows us his hips don’t lie at a dominican event in nj in another video:

yeah im ready to see the sex tape.

lowkey: i hear you may not get a lot of meat with the spanish wolves,
but you will get some good sex.
i also hear they eat everything off your plate.
i like that.

videos taken: maravilla

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

31 thoughts on “Maravilla Drops His Towel”

  1. A Spanish man could get my whole entire check with no questions asked. When I went on vacation in Puerto Rico, practically every man looked like him. It was beautiful!!

  2. I have to disagree, J. I think Borrell Jr is sexier….and even though the BOTH look like they packing some serious meat…I’m willing to bet BOTH of them probably can’t fuck for shit! LOL
    And Maravilla seems like a bottom to me, and this was before the post we had on them both.
    I’d do either of them! LOL

    1. ^that would be a damn shame.
      all that teasing and can’t do a damn thing.

      maravilla gives me more fox than anything as well.
      im coming to that realization and im okay with that.
      id watch him get that back blown.
      he looks like he can ride.

      that entry is still in the archives lol
      it broke the foxhole.

      1. I agree Borrell LOOKS better to me. Atleast he gives me wolf albeit a wolf that sucks in the bed. This was a perfect tease tho

    2. I guess it’s a matter of preference, but in person, Borrell has more “manly” features. Maravilla is softer and more sensual. You’re kinda right, though, both can’t fuck, but it is an experience. Both are versatile, but Maravilla is all about the “customer experience.” Just saying. 🙂

      1. Honestly from your adventure my own speculation was spot on. Borrel looks like a guy who is just good to look at, greedy, selfish in bed, and cant take a dick to save his life. Marvilla looks like he has some sweet pussy. Have you heard from him lately? You should spill some more.

  3. my prayers have been answered…I really really

    love this guy…and im saving up for a trip to nyc just for him…lol

    1. @luvinlife…if you hit them up, just hope you get a response. They NEVER respond to email or even the comments on their IG accounts. It’s like they’re saying…let me post a picture so they can oogle over me. LOL

      1. Agreed …you will have to be VERY lucky to have their kik or whatsapp. Flash some money and they will give you all the attention. Speaking from experience.

  4. I don’t know what it is but I don’t find him attractive. He’s like too cute, I need something a little rough around the edges lmao.

    1. King I second that emotion, these guys are good looking but they do nothing for me at all. It just goes to show you that everyone has different taste, I am with you about being too cute, their facial features look very feminine, they are indeed pretty.

      1. Wassup @Tajan did u give your email to J so I can get it from him? and oh, don’t worry I’m happily in a relationship and don’t wanna ruin that even for Idriss Elba lol so no cyber stalking here. Just wanna make some good foxhole friends.

        I have a few foxholers I want to be friends with in real life.

    2. I agree with you on this one. Too cute for my like But, I’ll fuck the shit out of his pretty boy ass lol.

      1. Hey Bro, Im a little lax, but I promise you I will get to it this week LoL, and seriously when I saw your post, I was like Oh $hit, I forgot, LMAO. We will talk soon I promise man.

  5. That video was hott I like them both even though sometimes I find marvvilla too pretty and borreal jr not as cute in the face. BUT if any one of them wanted to give me the pipe I’m not saying no!

  6. I will definitely with Spanish wolves is romantic and passionate, but I prefer Afro-Latinos because it’s extra romantic and passionate. With black wolves it definitely fun and rough

  7. I like Maravilla more, he seems more…likeable -or something- than Borrell, both are nice to look at for sure, but honestly, after what i’ve learned about them, my interest has dropped significantly. Not that I had any expectations from these two, but sometimes the mystery and fantasy is the sexiest part, even if you know they’re lame LOL!
    Such is the case for these instagram attentionistos, they need to remain mysterious because once ppl know how these guys are really stuntin, their credibility as a “#teamnosleep” advocate goes out the window when everybody knows someone else is sponsoring you for being good looking and no substance.
    How admirable. *rolls-eyes*

    1. Too funny, Dignified! Once I saw the flyer with them dancing at the club…it was a wrap.
      If all of those thirsty chicks on their page knew that..their fanbase would shrink dramatically.
      I fell out at one pic of Maravilla in bed with a chick…and one of the female commenters said, “wait..he’s straight?!” LOL

  8. I love Spanish men…. I hear they are very aggressive in bed. One of my fix friends use to say that when his Spanish wolf use to smash, he would groaning and moaning in his native language….sounded pretty sexy to me.

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