persons-0022_largei broke ( x my path ).
i ended up…
and exploded all over myself earlier.
i feel so disappointed with myself foxhole.
i was really trying hard to focus.
i will say i was so spiritually connected tho.
i’m going to try again starting tomorrow for monday.

Author: jamari fox

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14 thoughts on “Broke”

  1. Maybe you cAn still get the benefits you want if instead of doing it everyday you start off a few times a week than sliding cut it down. It might be easier that way.

  2. We can we say, “Addicted”…lets put Jamari in the corner for some time-out session!!! Don’t beat yourself up. Opps, sorry you did!!!!! Man, you are only human…enjoy yourself!!!

  3. I’m addicted to jacking myself, I do it about 3 times a day. And I need to slow down myself. I’m late sometimes going to work beacause I can’t find the right flick that will make me bust. It’s damn shame, then I go to work all tired and beat down lol. So I’m going to try and cut back to one a day. Keep me in your prayers!!!

    1. Bro, I applaud you for sharing that. I did giggle over you being late trying to get a nut before work lol. We need boyfriends to solve this jackin issue, not randoms who only offer a temporary fix. The next Fox I snag will be in trouble. That’s all I’m gonna say.

  4. Still going strong thank God! Now that I’m thinking about it, I did something similar back in August. I went through the whole month of August without sex or pleasuring myself. I was so focused and more connected to God and my surrounding. As a matter of fact I met this guy who I was talking to up until recently. He told me that I lost my spark, I’m not focused like when he first met me. Now that I remember he met me during my spiritual cleansing. I hope to go for several months until I found the right person with whom I’m gonna share my body with. I’m going to accomplish great things this year so if not having sex or masturbating is part of the sacrifice, so be it… Let’s be strong brothers. Our body is a temple… Don’t ge me wrong, I’ve had my hoeing moment, but I think I’ve reach a point where I can control my body over a lot of things. I hope this helps someone.

    1. ^this helped me!!!!!!!!!!
      thank you for sharing!!!
      I was gonna jack today,
      but I’ll start officially again now.
      thank for this because you helped me regain my focus!

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