tumblr_n02vh7brOv1qmkglyo2_400well shit i’m trying not too!
so i nearly came home and jacked off a few rounds.
i was so horny today.
it has officially started.
it doesn’t help i’m listening to the “50 shades of grey” soundtrack either.
so as you know,
or didn’t,
i’ve refrained from ( x getting myself off ).
well it was all good up until now.
i wasn’t horny at all before today.
i thought i lost my sex drive on the way to work.
you know i was about to start weeping.
well today,
i was doing some more research and read up on interesting things…
(this entry is def 18^ and nsfw)

so i’ve always liked sex and pleasuring myself.
i was really intuitive sexually with my body at young age.
weird coming from such a really strict upbringing.
weird i’m not a raging whore.
i guess thats the beauty of fear?
i get turned on by the slightest things tho.
the words “beat it up” and “banging” do something to my libido.

tumblr_n9qpgjoK331tc4w3co1_500when people talk about how good they were fucked/fucking,
i always want to hear the story.
i like to watch people having sex.
i like to be dominated.
i love to turn people on.
nothing makes me hotter than a wolf ive turned on.
tumblr_nhpwt7vSM51spsx2yo2_250 tumblr_nhpwt7vSM51spsx2yo1_250i can see/feel sex in anything.
you can tell just from the foxhole alone.

so in doing this next experiment,
you know i could as well start growing horns.

today i read that while trying to manifest sexual energy,
you need to surround yourself with sex.

reading sexual content
listening to sex songs
watching porn with all your senses open

well i does that already so…
well i does that and jacked off immediately.
apparently most people with a “sexual aura” do this.
you need to be turned on,
but the challenge is to not jack off.
healthy sex is cool,
but try to limit how many times you jack off.

you ever notice when you are horny,
you can literally feel the energy bouncing off you?
its like you want to explode?
well thats it.
that’s the sexual energy.
you are intensifying it the longer you hold onto it.
people have used that same energy to become greater in life.

all day i’ve been teasing myself with this energy.
honestly the feeling is awesome.
i love feeling horny personally.
it makes me act differently.
it makes me look at people differently.
paying more attention to their body language.
everyone is a “someone” for my pleasure.
i even flirt with the vixens.
pushing the limits and seeing how far i can go.
sexual energy is pretty exciting.
i can imagine how good you fuck while its at an all time high?

tumblr_nivijkmrkp1tcbhsqo1_250 tumblr_nivijkmrkp1tcbhsqo2_250 tumblr_nivijkmrkp1tcbhsqo3_250…or fuckin’ someone you really wanted?
i actually texted someone that wanted to talk to me.
not interested in him at all,
but i wanted to play around.
we ended up text fuckin’ a majority of the afternoon.
i used him.
sue me.
it made me so hot tho.
so as you can see i’m enjoying this.
lets see how far it will take me.
well without jackin’ off because lawd…

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

9 thoughts on “Hornball

  1. ………………………….I fell off the wagon after a day of commenting on that post. 🙁 so I give u much support, In spirit. Lol

  2. I see you’re trying to fuck me up from being sober. I’m really trying to make this day 2 of no jacking, but yesterday I was getting the urges when I looking at Mrs Field chocolate chip cookies last night. Plus my friend and I were sexting as well, but lucky I slept it off. Except reading this is giving me the urges again and the gifs are pushing me. Damn you, J.

  3. So I wake up this morning, getting ready to get my workout in and I JUST KNEW you’d be giving us an update about your battle of the bulge (*wink wink) Remember now, like I said before, if you can convince yourself to perhaps to keep this to strictly once a week, then I would say you are winning the battle. But that is the hard part of course. I also see that you and I, mentally, have a very high sex drive, when it comes to using your mind to heighten your sexual senses. Taking the most insignificant thing and being able to parlay it into something enticing.

    1. ^i’m DEF gonna do it once a week.
      i’ll pick a day and let loose…
      it takes two days to build back up your sexual energy.
      so by monday i’ll be good for another round.

  4. I caved in last night! *cries* But I was doing great. That built up jack off was way better than the multiplies lmfao. So Im going to keep continuing and if I get the urge Im going to at least limit it to once in a while. lmao

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