the things folks will say to get christian keyes in your bedroom

i understand you’re horny but let’s not go overboard with the disrespect.
so it’s no surprise that most of us are in folks dms.
we are shooting shots to see what we score.
some of the males that are in christian keyes dms are kinda disrespectful.
he went on “out loud with claudia jordan” on fox soul to address his homophobic backlash,
but shared what someone said in his dms that set him off


“i would like to have a threesome with you and your son”

outta control.
i always gotta wonder

Would folks say this kind of shit to people’s faces?

i say my shit on here,
but i’ve never gone that wild.
was a working straight actor supposed to be like:

Let’s do it!
Book us for 7!”

i’m so baffled.

the problem is that shit like that has gone down with others.
there are fathers having threesomes with their sons.
there are some that would do some shit like that with the whole family.
they’d make a family moment of it.
my advice:

Know your audience

you can usually tell who has no fucks to give.
christian keyes obviously isn’t that type.

low-key: i don’t really believe him about not fuckin’ his co-workers.
it almost seemed like he was trying to keep up “this good image”.

Author: jamari fox

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16 thoughts on “the things folks will say to get christian keyes in your bedroom”

  1. Why is it hard to believe that he doesn’t mess with his coworkers? Some people do have boundaries that they’re not willing to cross. I don’t mess with coworkers either. So, what he says is his truth may be just that, his truth.

    We have to chill on the “I don’t really believe…this and that” simply because it may be something that “we” do or have done ourselves.

  2. Yes, I saw that clip with Claudia and I must say that is way out of bounds for a dm request and his boy is just a kid and once a new born, why even the thought

  3. Not surprised. Christian is not even all that but I am not surprised with anything anyone says in these DMs. Keep in mind, these are the same people that run up and lust after young men as soon as they turn 18 like a pack of undersexed wolves. Folks don’t really have limits these days and the amount of fetishising people do is more embarrassing than it is appalling.

    Though in my eyes, anyone that involves a child/minor or even suggests one, is a pervert and should placed in jail. Both straight and gay, cause it’s some heteros just as bad.

  4. He should have called that person out…they deserve it. That’s disrespectful on sooo many levels

  5. This is why they say we’re pedophiles. Way to make us look disturbed and like sexual deviants.

  6. I have heard rumors before Christian had a kid he was into sex parties with Shemar Moore, not them being gay but actually having different partners. Nevertheless, people have no respect but wants 115% of it when you speak to them. Soon as somebody straight turns them down, “oh you homophobic as fuck”; no bitch you disrespectful as fuck! Let him put it out there that he is curious first or at least interested in trying something like that. To involve his son, I wanted to be whoever ass that said that. I get it people do fuck like that but they are grown as hell. Like if Lil D (straight porn star) was my son, hell yeah, let’s do this. He know what he getting himself into. I get it, some people can’t even get into doing anything sexual let alone getting naked in front of their kid. To each his own.

    I didn’t see anything wrong with what he said. It was completely respectful but it goes back to people get offended when they are rejected so they want to say you are homophobic.

    One thing I will say, I don’t like this Fox Soul or Claudia Jordan as a Talk Show. She messy as fuck and she is not somebody I can see lasting long in that market. She trying to be Wendy Williams just more explicit. That’s my opinion. Reason being, she has cue cards but reading off a prompter. Why are you reading off a prompter if you have cue cards. Christian is focus on her but the only time she really engages him is when she wants to get messy. When she wanted to see if he had gay fans, she didn’t need a cue card or a prompter.

    Reason I’m not feeling this Fox Soul because it sounds racist. A white network with uncensored material and its called Fox Soul. Why can’t it be on FOX and still called One on One with Claudia Jordan? BET can do it because it was once Black Owned so it was fine and their network was geared towards Blacks period. BET Soul focused on actual Soul projects and geared away from the Video format BET main network was doing. I will give it shot and see how they run it. Disney does own it so this should be interesting

      1. See that’s. What we’re talking about. You ain’t heard no damn rumor about him and Shemar Moore!!! Why is that some gay men are so ignorant and insecure they make up or believe these ridiculous outrageous stories to satisfy their desire that this man might be gay…. it’s stupid, and honestly it makes all gay men look bad. Which is probably why Christian had this attitude towards dudes in his DM. I dont think it was neccessary to call them out, that only draws attention to it. But I can understand his attitude, especially when I read your first sentence. Like really…c’mon now.

        1. I didn’t say him and Shemar Moore together. I said they were rumored to have sex parties, not with each other. Having different partners, I clearly said that if you read it. Never once linked them together and this rumor was years ago before his son was even born. Thats what I’m talking about! People quick to judge what other say, do or heard just because they didn’t hear it, see it or know about it. I clearly said it was a rumor meaning it didn’t have to be true since you want to categorize and say why gay people like to make up shit. What makes gay men look bad when they don’t READ first and get an understanding but so quick to pass judgment on somebody or a group of people all because of their misunderstanding. Like you clearly took the first sentence and had a judgment without actually seeing what I said.

  7. SMH @ these two hypocritical sons of bitches 🙄

    1. LGBT people don’t want special rights, they just want to be treated like anyone else. And that equates to equal rights!

    2. I don’t believe some random dude said that foul shit to him in the DMs. If so I’m gonna need PROOF in the form of a screenshot. I believe Christian concocted the story to get shelter from the backlash of his homophobia. And guess what? It worked! Look at the triggered reactions of the audience when he told that bullshtt story of a threesome request with his son. If this story was true Christian would’ve posted a screenshot along with the username and social media would’ve doxxed and crucified the reprobate who made such a request. But it never happened.

    3. Christian I know you’re a hypocrite because you’re sitting there with that religious cross laid around your neck. The religion of the white man. Fuck you and your faux altruism.

    – that’s all.

  8. People are doing to much in the messages, it is a disgrace. Why do people have to put a disclaimer out there to voice how they want to be addressed? You never know how a person is behind closed doors, but he does not give off the aura that you will get far with him by being sexual. You can’t just come at people any kind of way and not expect backlash.

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