notes: trash

you’re not a nice person to me.
i don’t know how you are with others,
but with me,
you aren’t.
you started out being cool af,
but there was a shift.
i don’t know if it’s because i’m not around anymore or what.
it took me a while to realize that,
but i’m finally starting to see in full blown HD.
i made excuses for you in my head because i was trying to be optimistic.
that’s one of my biggest problems with myself.
i make excuses for assholes.
well i am right

i should have known better tho.
when i’d ask you how you’re doing,
you would respond all about you,
but would never ask me how i am.
that showed you weren’t interested in knowing who i was/am.
you seem like the type that wants folks to chase you all around the world,
but only give minimal effort because you feel some kind of entitlement.
the last straw has been sending you messages and it’s “sometimey” responses.
these last few have been “read” and no response.

that’s the clue that it’s time to bounce.

i don’t beg for friendship because i am friendship.
ask around.
ask the foxhole.
my resume for being a friend speaks for itself.
don’t say you’re gonna be in my life and don’t make the effort as i am.
don’t do me like that.
if i have to sit and wonder if you’re down for me,
or want to spark a potential friendship,
you’re not the one for my life.
your spoiled ass attitude will have you fucked all the way up with me.
i require the same energy should be flowing all throughout.
better yet…

You’re not the person I thought you were

…and that’s sad because i thought you were different.
you’re actually worse than what i thought.
for that,
i’m disappointed.

7 thoughts on “notes: trash

  1. WTF is there some karma fox flu going around ? I’m dealing with this same thing from a wolf right now. Like literally just got done ripping him a new one over this.

  2. Artist Hallward is painting a portrait of his fine looking Faustian friend, who is named Dorian Gray. Lord Henry Wotton shows an intense desire to see this young man for friendship. Hallward scolds Lord Henry of understanding neither friendship nor enmity, and of being indifferent to every single person.

    Lord Henry defends himself by saying, “I choose my friends for their good looks, my acquaintances for their good characters, and my enemies for their good intellects. A man cannot be too careful in his choice of enemies. I have not got one who is a fool. They are all men of some intellectual power, and consequently they all appreciate me…”

  3. Chile, the excuses.
    “Maybe they’re busy”
    “Maybe something happened to them”
    2)If they were busy, they’d say “Sorry, I was XYZ”. But they don’t. They get to you when they get to you and act as if no time has passed, disrespecting your time and you.

    I just block and delete. Don’t have time for it anymore. Then they want to act brand new when they run into you. I say a cordial “hello” and keep it moving. They’ll make a scene yelling after you. I have places to be and things to do. If you cared about why I was out, you’d have replied. I will make you look crazy as I breeze tf past you with an unbothered “Hello”. NEXT CASE!

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