this entry may contain sensitive material


this weekend,
one of my straight home wolves said an ignorant statement about gays.
he said:

“…in gay relationships,
you know there is the boy and the girl…”

i was like “what?” and he started to apologize profusely.
we have a mutual gay friend who gets offended about everything.
he thought i’d be the same.
i hit him with the…

it’s cool.
I don’t care but…”

…and then let him know its two males,
regardless of submission or dominance.
there is no “girl” because no one has a pussy and can get pregnant.
easy peasy.
i don’t want to be someone folks have to watch what they say around.

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the things folks will say to get christian keyes in your bedroom

i understand you’re horny but let’s not go overboard with the disrespect.
so it’s no surprise that most of us are in folks dms.
we are shooting shots to see what we score.
some of the males that are in christian keyes dms are kinda disrespectful.
he went on “out loud with claudia jordan” on fox soul to address his homophobic backlash,
but shared what someone said in his dms that set him off

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