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this weekend,
one of my straight home wolves said an ignorant statement about gays.
he said:

“…in gay relationships,
you know there is the boy and the girl…”

i was like “what?” and he started to apologize profusely.
we have a mutual gay friend who gets offended about everything.
he thought i’d be the same.
i hit him with the…

it’s cool.
I don’t care but…”

…and then let him know its two males,
regardless of submission or dominance.
there is no “girl” because no one has a pussy and can get pregnant.
easy peasy.
i don’t want to be someone folks have to watch what they say around.

if i feel someone is being ignorant,
i’ll check them on it.
98% of things literally slide off my back because i’ve learned people can be ignorant.
it could be because:

Being talked about so viciously while minding my business
Battling some of the biggest bitches (male and female) in my journey through the forests
Growing up around Karaoke who taught me how to not take myself so seriously

i can be ignorant to a majority of things.

everyone is/was all upset over aunt viv (a fox) and lisa raye about what they said on “fox soul“.
it was about andrew gillum and bisexual males


they came off ignorant af,
but if people so offended about what they said:

“Don’t watch the show again.”

the end.
if what they said was that bothersome,
banish them to another dimension and move on to those who are more your speed.
it’s fucked up they think they need to out someone to “get the truth”,
but i don’t know what they’ve dealt with in regards to bisexual/gay males.
they could have fallen for someone and he was sleeping with males without telling them.
lisa admitted she was dating someone who was allegedly bi and she heard the rumors.
most folks ignorance usually comes from isolated issue(s) on their journeys.
claudia jordan and syleena johnson were more objective about the issue.

Look at the sources.

i’m not gonna have a temper tantrum because of two ghetto ass divas.
they’re both speaking their truth,
but that doesn’t mean i have to agree nor care to agree.
and no offense to them,
but i don’t keep up with them enough to banish them.

when i’m offended over something/someone,
i usually don’t watch/look/support it again.
i’ll give my opinion and then they’re sent off to the pits of hell.
it keeps me sane and blocks ignorance from my vortex.
the sensitive folks might need to adopt that same attitude.

low-key: when you realize that not everyone is gonna like you,
it kinda gives you a peace.
not everyone is gonna like or tolerate gay or bi folks.
there are other gay and bi folks who don’t like other gay or bi folks.

making them apologize doesn’t mean they changed their ways.
i choose not to fuck with them.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

15 thoughts on “this entry may contain sensitive material”

  1. Aunt Viv need to shut up with her Rona having ass. Also Lisa Raye been in the industry for a minute. They both worked with Will Smith and others that are known. They gonna mess around and get blacklisted. AND I really don’t appreciate the witch hunting they doing (Text me later gurl).

    1. ^ they need to learn the art of kitchen table talk.
      that “text me” shit is something you do when on a commercial break.
      they come off ignorant so i don’t have high expectations.

  2. Lmaooo Jamari no you didn’t have a temper tantrum but you were very NICE NASTY! But I love it 😂
    Anyway I’m not letting three has beens and one Who NEVER WAS on a obscure internet show get my Hanes boxer briefs in a bunch!

  3. I’ve said this before with a friend “how can I cancel somebody that I wasn’t subscribing to in the first place?”

    And im going to do that with them I haven’t been into viv really since the black exotic dancer thing where she said she wouldn’t bring in a gay one (which we see she didn’t know she already had lol) & I like lisaraye but not enough to pay any real attention to.

  4. Had no clue how insightful syleena was, she’s the only one who didn’t come off closed minded, She was stating facts not opinions. As far as those other two. Viv and Lisa give me “I ain’t got problems with gay people I just won’t tolerate it” vibes. That’s what bothers me a lot about some black women, when the gays are doing their hair and make-up and spilling the tee. It’s “yaaaass honey” “give me life” but on the other side of the token wouldn’t dare let a gay man babysit their son because of “THE” assumption something inappropriate would happen.

    Also Lisa made me cringe implying if your man reacts pleasantly to a finger in his butt, that’s a good indication he’s gay. Ummm There are men in our community called TOPS imbecile, and some who absolutely hate ass play. What a idiotic and homophobic mind set to have. It’s crazy because 90% maybe even more female entertainers, have a team full of gay men and also fans. And this is the way some of them truly feel about LGBTQ. I look at both differently now. This is why gay men need to be very selective when it comes to female friends.

  5. I actually didn’t see anything wrong with what they said lol why is it ok for me as a gay man to RATHER not deal with a man that also deals with women (cause id honestly prefer not to) but it’s not ok for them to not wanna deal with a man that deals with men?

    1. I’m all the way here what you said. I had not one problem with they said. I DO NOT GET THE OUTRAGE. Sometimes we gays want everyone to walk the fine line about everything gay, NEWSFLASH, it’s not gonna happen. People are not gonna always say or do things perfectly our gay ears or sensibilities. The four women has plenty of love for the gays, it’s documented, so are we supposed to cancel them now, especially known allies? Not I

  6. Do any of these women have a man? Allegedly, Vivian can’t keep a man for shit, just ask 50, Claudia got train tracks in her draws, Lisa raye got dumped for Dwayne Martin, don’t know about syleena. Sounds like they bitter towards black men.

    1. Vivica fox has issues with everything and everybody.Lisa ray is stuck in a’s rumor that Claudia have slept her way around in Hollywood.

  7. Sounds like someone is telling you to “man up” and not have emotions. I think it’s more about how much you let things control you.

    For me, if I tell you how I was wronged and you do the same thing to me, that will hurt me. I’m not being sensitive as I informed you and you did evil anyway.

    As far as their opinions…um…don’t we expect this? To be treated like accessories for straight women and basically making fools of ourselves until they get mad because their boyfriend checked us out and suddenly we’re every f-g? This is why I avoid straight people and keep to myself. Can’t tell you how many guys thought I wanted to take their girl, I’d rather keep to myself. If I do, it’s gay people I feel comfortable around. That part is hard because they want to have sex instead of hold you down.

    Also, I have gotten to the point where if someone I don’t know calls me something I know I am not, I don’t dwell on it. They have no reason to, don’t know me from a can of paint, so I let it go. It’s more, I only allow people I know to affect my emotions. So keep people you trust close. And that’s a process. Vetting them.

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