this entry may contain sensitive material


this weekend,
one of my straight home wolves said an ignorant statement about gays.
he said:

“…in gay relationships,
you know there is the boy and the girl…”

i was like “what?” and he started to apologize profusely.
we have a mutual gay friend who gets offended about everything.
he thought i’d be the same.
i hit him with the…

it’s cool.
I don’t care but…”

…and then let him know its two males,
regardless of submission or dominance.
there is no “girl” because no one has a pussy and can get pregnant.
easy peasy.
i don’t want to be someone folks have to watch what they say around.

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This Goes Out To You! Yeah YOU!

tumblr_m5y0blA5CQ1rwadubo1_500sit lets have a talk.
one on one…
so you would be surprised who reads my site.
i have a ton of lurkers from all walks of life.
i have some industry lurkers who also check me out.
i feel this should go out to them,
especially after that kevin terry debacle that happened today.
this is for ANYONE already in the public eye,
pursuing a career in the public eye,
or simply have a lot to lose in life.
pay attention…

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