This Goes Out To You! Yeah YOU!

tumblr_m5y0blA5CQ1rwadubo1_500sit lets have a talk.
one on one…
so you would be surprised who reads my site.
i have a ton of lurkers from all walks of life.
i have some industry lurkers who also check me out.
i feel this should go out to them,
especially after that kevin terry debacle that happened today.
this is for ANYONE already in the public eye,
pursuing a career in the public eye,
or simply have a lot to lose in life.
pay attention…

so you happen to be in the lifestyle.
you’re gay,
maybe bi,
and having fun right now.
you are trying to be “on the low” and trying to become public figure.
whether you are the next luther vandross or trying to be a blogger like myself,
you can’t do what the regular joe blows would do.
going out the gay clubs,
making sex tapes,
having fights with the queens,
and just being completely ratchet is now out of the question.
we live in a digital world where nothing dies.
you have to carry yourself differently.
your movement needs to be more thought out.
people will start to look up to you and respect you.
businesses will start investing in you.
your life will change.
depending on where you’re trying to go in your career,
gay scandals are hard to bounce back from.
kevin terry,
should have known not to have his lips on anyone’s pipe on FILM.
something that could ruin your life,
and your money.
you can’t pursue being a public figure with secrets that could destroy you.
its one thing for people to think or assume,
because its face it everyone has a great “gay rumor”,
but when there is solid proof like videos and pictures…

no-def-notregardless of being out or not,
scandals are bad for any business.
you are BLACK living in a WHITE world.
we don’t bounce back as easily especially with the crab in barrel shit.
you are not an armenian hoe who was born into money with a vulture for a mama.
people have to start making better choices and stop being so sloppy.
s’all i’m saying.
you may think i’m being mean or rude,
but the truth hurts.
now i will give you one caveat:
find a way to have those secrets put to rest before entering the industry.
and why you got dusty “nothing to lose” commoners with your secrets for anyway?
this is why i can’t stress enough:

mess with people who have just as much to lose as you do.

got it?
you’re free to go.


Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

9 thoughts on “This Goes Out To You! Yeah YOU!”

  1. Luckily, I have no desire to be famous or well known. I’m cool with working behind the scenes, stacking my money, and letting someone else have the fame. I already know my hoe shit will come to the surface if I became famous. Dudes I don’t even remember will be hating.

    Even if I hit the lotto, I don’t want my name in the papers and I want to remain anonymous. Lol

    1. Bro, I feel ya completely on this 100%, I would never want to be in the public eye, I worry enough about some of my shit hitting the local press, much less the national press with all these hating ass back biting queens who would love nothing more than to out you and ridicule and embarrass you.

      1. I’m saying!

        No telling what would pop up on me. That video of me eating some cakes with syrup on a table at your local Waffle House? Security footage of me and a overnight security guard in that Executive office? That video of me twerking for big girls to pay for my books?

        I’m kidding…kinda. Lmao!

        But yeah other ppl be scandalous. haha

  2. It’s a new era with digital media, and folks are out here leaving trails as big as an airport runway. If you don’t want your business out there, you can’t be sending/making nude videos or pics to ANYONE. Not even your partner. If they wanna see, they need to come to you. Trust no one. Like Jamari says, don’t mess around with those who don’t have as much to lose as you. It’s not worth it.

    Be careful out there guys.

    There’s a price we pay when it comes to social media. It’s great to feel like you’re a part of the movement when it comes to posting pics, and stuff……..but there’s a cost. For guys like me that cost is TOO HIGH. Guard your privacy. Don’t give them the ammunition to destroy you.

  3. Well said Jamari…even if one doesn’t have a desire to be famous we still have to protect ourselves in who or what we entertain…my mother used to always tell me growing up “never do something that will embarrass you later”…so in other words whatever you do, make sure you’re proud of it just in case it does get out…these days no one is safe…smh discretion went out he video when this digital era took off…i miss the days when we didn’t know what was going on in celebs private lives and when everything wasn’t blown out of proportion….* good ole days*

  4. People need to realize everyone is not their friend and is concerned for their well being. These niggas who hit you up for just sex can give two shits about you because you are a jumpoff. In their eyes you are a sex object and not a human.You never know if a hidden cam is set up somewhere. Niggas laying down with Tom, John, Steve, Billy, Joe, Melvin, Harry, and Jack all in the same week, and then cry and whine when they are exposed, and they didn’t even know the guys for more than a day. That can be prevented if you at least fill them out before you sleep with them. I can’t just lie down with some random who I know nothing about. I have to know them first, and see what type of person they are. In other words, I want to know if they are messy.

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