Are You Going To Sleep With The Lights On For Halloween Tonight?

halloweenwhen i have my own home,
i want to decorate my house for halloween.
have my crib looking like a real haunted house for the kiddies.
do like how the white people do in the subs.
random thought.
of course my wolf will take all the decorations down the following weekend.
i want you guys to be safe out there tonight.
halloween can be fun,
but also dangerous as hell.
unless im getting in a car,
i never do halloween in the city.
perfect time to get ran up on by someone in a mask…



Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

11 thoughts on “Are You Going To Sleep With The Lights On For Halloween Tonight?”

    1. See you’re good. Most of the movies on your list I can watch no problem.
      The ORIGINAL Halloween and The Exorcist are two movies that I cannot watch alone to this day.
      Those two films fucked me up mentally as a child. That’ll teach my ass to watch horror movies at such a young age. LOL

      1. ^halloween scares me because that mask is scary.
        plus he walks slow and shit.
        when she was in that closet and he was breaking it down?
        i cant.

        the original is up there.

      2. Michael Myers is my nigga lol. Halloween never gets old. How about that heavy breathing tho. I was like does he have asthma lol.

      1. A Freddy Kruger like Clown stalks children.They never actually explain why or how.He’s just there, and he taunts them with scary ass dragon teeth.The movie is done in flashbacks, going back and forth between them being kids and recalling their memories of the clown and being adults with personal problems as a result of their childhood.You never see the clown kill anybody, but he does kill.The movie is like a long Tales from the Crypt episode.I’d skip it if your looking to be scared.

        When I was little, I didn’t like Michael Myers and Jason Voorhees.They always bored me by just walking.I preferred Freddy Kruger and Chucky because of their personalities.I’ve only watched The Exorcist once, and don’t plan on seeing it again.Once is enough for that creepy ass shit.They’ve made so many movies about exorcism that I can’t keep how many there are.I don’t plan on watching them either.Movie about exorcisms leave me feeling vulnerable.

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