i watched my baby faavah, michael myers, in “halloween kills” and…

as you know from my ( x scream ) entry,
i am a huge slasher movie buff.
out of all the slasher movie killers,
i am scared of michael myers.
its the slow walking and heavy breathing for me.
i liked the story of this killing machine who stalks his sister,
laurie strode.
well in the new remake of halloween,
they changed the story that he is some random psycho stalking a random laurie strode.


she isn’t related to him at all in this new version which kills the whole vibe for me.
i went to see ( x the remake with hunter back in 2018 ) and hated it.
i watched the sequel on peacock,
halloween kills,
today and (with heavy spoilers)…

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megyn kelly can insult blacks and still get a comfy alleged payday (must be nice)


life must be great to be an alleged racist in 2018.
you can make ignorant comments on national tv,
but end up getting fired where you won’t have to work again.
not because of banishment,
but because of a pay day.
that’s the life of megyn kelly of “megyn kelly today” on nbc.
as you know,
or didn’t,
but she claimed it was okay for white people to wear “blackface” on halloween when she was growing up.
see @4:00:

when was that EVER okay,
well she got in trouble and had to apologize quickly for her ignorance:


le sigh.
the tears.
i’m surprised she didn’t wear white in that statement.
white tend to means “innocence”.

well she might be out,
but she won’t leave empty handed.
according to the “daily mail”,
she’ll leave with 69 mill
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i could have stayed in for “halloween” (watched it and…)

i love spontaneous situations.
when someone tells me to put my clothes on because we going somewhere.
this is by car or paying for my uber.
don’t call me to tell me get on the sketchy mta late night.
well that was my straight home wolf i haven’t seen in months!
we spoke the other day and i told him how blah i’ve been.
he bought two tickets to see the new “halloween” for a late night showing.
i wanted to see it since the trailer

so let’s get into the movie

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The Kardashian’s Pissed Ya’ll Off With Their Halloween Costumes

it really pisses me off aaliyah‘s music isn’t on any streaming networks.
besides her first album which i could definitely leave.
her uncle needs to be thrown into a volcano.
every halloween,
we try to replicate something/someone in pop culture.
that she hyena ya’ll don’t care for,
kim kardashian,
tried her hand at being aaliyah in her “try again” video.
this is what was the outcome
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I’d Like A Black Beyonce Barbie Please!

screen-shot-2016-11-01-at-7-48-11-pmi saw this today and i fell in love.
how amazing does beyonce look as “black barbie” for halloween?
jay looking like bill cosby…
xqk5m…but i like his tux.
here are two more shots…
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Jayceon Taylor Becomes A New Classic

Screen Shot 2015-11-01 at 10.22.00 PM^this is how i usually like jayceon taylor.
“after sex”.
well he tried something completely different for halloween this year.
he decided to morph into jidenna aka “the classic man”.
now this is jidenna…
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