laying in the dark, listening to r&b, is therapy

r&b creates magic within me.
it can make me happy,
or heal my broken heart.
when my soul is aching,
a good r&b mix-tape can do just that.
i’ve been feeling really out of it lately,
but my soul urged me to do something i haven’t done in a while…

Lay in the dark,
put on a good r&b mix,
and not think.

r&b music has a way of speaking for us when we can’t find the words.
you ever had that one r&b song that hit your spirit different?
you listen to it on repeat because the words are YOU at that moment?
this is why it helps to lay down and look towards the nowhere in the darkness.
i can’t always explain what’s wrong with me,
but i know it feels like something is broken.

i felt the urge to give up.
i’ve been fighting something that has been hurting me inside.

Feeling absolutely fed up with everything and everyone?

so i said fuck it.
after i took a warm shower,
shuffle “chilled r&b” on spotify,
lights went off,
and i laid down in order to escape reality.
hip hop would make me call someone and cuss them out so that’s dead.
i needed something neat.
everything seems to be connecting as different songs played.
answers and healing started coming to me.

laying in the dark,
listening to r&b,
is therapy.

low-key: my next era is stirring inside me.
i feel something good.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

5 thoughts on “laying in the dark, listening to r&b, is therapy”

  1. Came back to listen to this playlist because I can’t sleep. Lol

    Some of my recommendations are:

    Nai Palm ~ Crossfire/So Into You & Atoll
    Swsh ~ How You Feel
    ELIZA ~ Lava/Treacle
    JID ~ All Bad
    Kofi Stone ~ Talk About Us

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