orlando brown will be on a new stage in his life

even if you slide off a cliff,
hit every rock on the way down,
land face first in the mud,
and have a boulder land on your ass,
you can still pick yourself up.
orlando brown has been the talk on the foxhole for many of his antics,
but it seems he has turned his entire life around.
a foxholer sent me his new walk

…with Jesus.

why does that background look like the ones used in school pictures?

either way,
he needed a 2020 reset because he was all over the place.
i hope he can find success in this new journey.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

6 thoughts on “orlando brown will be on a new stage in his life”

  1. If this is truthfully genuine then I sincerely wish him the best and am very glad he got help and that he’s decided to stop his shenanigans. Maybe there is still hope for old Kanye after all.

  2. This man can sing and rap his face off. I really hope he’s able to showcase that. I sideye whenever people “turn to Jesus”. That usually signals them becoming homophobic….but nobody asked me.

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