add francois arnaud on the bisexual list

2020 is truly the year of that bisexual males are feeling comfortable.
as we all know,
many of them were look at as either unicorns or demons.
it seems they are slowly peeking out of the “bi” door.
acting white wolf,
francois arnaud,
posted this on his ig…

so my question is…

Will he get more acceptance than Andrew Gillum?

andrew kept his bisexuality to himself.
it took him getting caught up,
but his wife seemed to know and didn’t care.
how do we know francois was honest in his relationships with vixens?
i find white males can be bi without judgment,
but black males get more flack.
either way,
kudos to francois.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

10 thoughts on “add francois arnaud on the bisexual list”

  1. this just makes me love Francois all the more..he is honest and now can be happy he told his story when he wanted to…forever a fan…

  2. Gillum isn’t a good comparison because of the extenuating circumstances, however the overall point still holds up. This man – and I honestly have no clue who he is – will be fine because he’s white. White people are allowed to be fully human and diverse and complex – we have to fit in narrow boxes; that we’ve allowed ourself to be forced into. Hopefully it will broaden the bisexual discussion/acceptance tho.

  3. Andrew was busted for cheating on his wife with prostitutes while on heavy drugs. I don’t think him later coming out as bisexual (he had no choice, it was already out once the pics were) was going to help his case. People forever viewed him as the philandering husband who did the nasty behind his wife’s back with men. People will forgive a cheating straight man before they do a with a man who cheats on his wife with men.

  4. Jamari, telling your own truth and being found butt nekkit with drugs, vomit and crap because you can’t take huge white steroided peen are two very different things.

    But even if Andrew had come out on his own terms, yes, Francois Arnaud would be more accepted. It’s easier for White men as they’re not considered the epitome of masculinity. There’s a reason our bodies are the stuff of legend. But athleticism (we had to be able to move to run from lions and cheetahs and catch up with antelope, etc to eat)

    However it still affects White men. I’m sure some women aren’t as attracted to Matt Bomer and Luke Evans, but I think by not talking about it, they’re still somewhat accepted.

  5. I take my hat off to him. Actually had some insightful things to say. I think the most absurd thing about some people’s POV on bisexuality is that they find it impossible for someone to be attracted to both sexes. Like…there are no rules on attraction at all. Better the opposite sex than animals or something way worst like children.

  6. More power to him. Must be liberating. Though just as gay Men have been here since the beginning ,I’m sure Bi Men have as well.

  7. Black men aren’t allowed to express/feel/live anything that’s REMOTELY feminine within our own communities. In short, Francois will be fine.

  8. The most interesting part of this was the awareness in mentioning giving up masculine privilege even by coming out as bisexual. It almost like he gets that society is now gonna deem him fully gay. Even tho he still likes women and also by that standard no longer a masculine man. Smh

  9. I know He’s going to be treated a lot better than Andrew just based on the idea that he was allowed to come out on his own terms and not thrown out.

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