foxhole podcast | “accept us” | episode 2; part 1

i’m really enjoying podcasting.
i love giving the foxhole something extra.
so episode 2 is here and we had a guest.
during the test casts,
we had two guests.

Miss Minni is my first live guest!

yeahhhhhh buddy!
i’ve known miss minni for close to two decades

i met her on my journey after my parent’s died.
we met through a mutual “friend” and formed a tight friendship.
for this podcast,
because it was so good,
we talked for 2 hours.
we had to break it down into 2 parts.
the first part is our usual hot topics,
but karaoke threw in a trivia portion that was pretty fun.

Jamari Fox vs The Foxhole

we will only play when we have guests.
the next part,
which will be uploaded for wednesday,
was about the topic of acceptance.
so this is the part 1 of the podcast for your listening pleasure…


i can’t wait for you hear part 2!

Author: jamari fox

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