i watched the 2020 grammys and well…

i needed an escape from all the kobe mourning yesterday.
social media ruined me,
but i continued to scroll my twitter timeline.
whose fault was that?
this fox.
well who knew i’d be crying all throughout the grammys too?
my thoughts on the grammys was a big “eh“.
i got a few thoughts about the experience…

– i’m confused with alicia keys.
at one point was getting annoyed with her talking and random moments,
but i see she was trying to get everyone in better spirits.
she doesn’t need to host next year tho.
beyonce to host next?

– i loved how they paid tribute to kobe in his house,
which is the staples center.
the intro
alicia did.
his jerseys being acknowleged.
lil nas x with his jersey on the chair during his performance.
dj khaled paying tribute at the end of his performance.
the feels were heavy.

lizzo is magical.
i love how she overcame the odds.
from sleeping in her car to winning a grammy.

life is interesting when it wants to be.

– is it me or is lil nas x wearing different variations of the same outfit?
i liked his performance tho and respect that no one really cares that he’s gay.
he should’ve won “record of the year” tho.
his song was huge compared to “bad guy”.
she is white tho so no need to even explain.

– i’m really digging ariana grande.

i loved her performance.
she still sounded good after all that choreography.

usher turned me tf on last night.
i might be the only one who enjoyed his prince tribute.

demi lovato had me bawling last night.
the words of her new song represent everything i’ve ever wanted to say.
i hope she continues to stay sober.

– into tyler the creator heavy.
i loved his “wolf” album,
but haven’t had a chance to check out “igor”.
i loved he had boyz II men and charlie wilson in his performance.

it explained how they got boyz II men to sing with alicia for kobe.
it had me scratching my head wondering how they got them there so fast.
jaden smith was very happy too:

– were ellen’s ears huge or was it just me?

issa rae looked over it all.

is billie eilish that damn good?
she swept the last hour and it had me confused af.
i love “bad guy”,
but i didn’t know she had an album out.
i might have to skim through her album to see what the hype is about.

– all the big names in black entertainment sat it out.
i don’t blame them.

– death sells.
nipsey hussle would never have won those grammys if he was alive.
you know folks out here are fake af.
someone dies and we suddenly become “fans” of their work.
“higher” deserved that award because it’s a powerful song.

– HATED the osbornes introducing the rap category.

cardi and these tits of steel.
offset grabbing said tit of steel on the red carpet.


all in all,
it was something to watch.
it gets more and more “why did they win tho?” every year.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

7 thoughts on “i watched the 2020 grammys and well…”

  1. People still watch the Grammy’s ? I mean I saw clips: I absolutely adore Lizzo, Alicia & Boys 2 Men sounded horrendous!

    1. Why the fuck does Alicia Keys thinks that she has to sing with EVERY FUCKING BODY? Boys II Men did NOT need her help!

  2. Usher still got it…On another note the lining Tinashe up in the game pretty well. She will become a thing very soon!

  3. nipsey hussle would never have won those grammys if he was alive.
    you know folks out here are fake af.


    I honestly feel the same way about actors who die and people suddenly act like all of their work was perfect and nobody else can act like them.

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