who is the “bend ’em over” billionaire that was allegedly trying to bend christian keyes?

christian keyes.
ya know,
cassie has given people the courage to speak out against powerful jackals.
even if the person isn’t powerful,
she gave others the courage to tell their stories of abuse.
there was a time if you even tried to speak out,
you’d be blacklisted or even killed.

The Age of Aquarius has jackals and hyenas on notice.

christian keyes did an IG live where he claims to be a repeated victim of sexual harassment.
he alleges a billionaire jackal can’t seem to understand the phrase,
“nah homie”.
this billionaire jackal has allegedly been trying to insert his key in those christian cheeks.
this is the entire IG live that a Foxholer sent to me…

in a nutshell,
chistian alleges:

  • This billionaire jackal is a big deal within the black community. Everyone will drag him for speaking out against this person.
  • When Christian wasn’t getting work, this person allegedly offered him 100k but with a side of “gettin’ bent over”. When they saw Christian wasn’t with the shits, he bought him a car as an apology
  • The billionaire has tried to take Christian down Bent Blvd quite a few times
  • Says on a separate incident, when Christian got drunk and went to sleep it off, the billionaire jackal got into bed and was grabbing Christian’s dick
  • Also claims billionaire jackal has a bunch of other young dudes on payroll that he bends over when the mood strikes.
  • Christian has a bunch of recordings and other forms of proof

holy smokes.

i’m goad he blew the lid off this kind of behavior towards other males.
this is all too common within hollywood.
there are willing participants but those who aren’t.
we only talk and font about vixens who experience sexual harassment and assault

…but what about the males who are scared to speak out due to the stigma?

bad enough,
the public seems to crucify victims unless they die.

i feel christian should have went “lawyer first; IG live after“.

Cassie didn’t go on an IG live.
She went to a lawyer and told her story.
Remember: the complaint became public which is how we found out the details.
The only reason this got out is because Diddy underestimated her.
If Diddy would have paid her from jump,
he would have had a great Christmas this year because we wouldn’t know shit.

so even though christian is doing the right thing by speaking up,
and it did give him a layer of protection if something happens to him,
i really need him to let his lawyers do the speaking going forward.

as far as who i think it is,

it sounds pretty obvious but it could be a wild card.

Isn’t he working for the alleged person this could be about?

he has a legit show under that alleged person’s network but…

we end up doing things to keep the peace until the time is right.

i guess now was the time.
all will be revealed soon enough.

15 thoughts on “who is the “bend ’em over” billionaire that was allegedly trying to bend christian keyes?

  1. Boy that sounds so much like Winston Jerome! Pause!!🤣
    Anyway, IF in fact it is him, he’s an EP, writer and director on his show ATQM!

  2. Man oh man where do I start!😲 there’s a lot to unpack here I feel so heavy after watching this it’s so obvious who Christian is talking about this is not a surprise at all we’ve been hearing this for years people just ignored it because he couldn’t do no wrong in their eyes he’s literally a god like savior. This just solidifies but we’ve already known about this person but I’m so glad Christian is speaking out so many heterosexual men are being violated and no one takes it seriously so kudos to him and I hope he gets the justice he deserves.

  3. It’s unfortunate what hes gone through but here’s what I dont understand…why get on live and talk in codes? Why go public and halfway expose a predator? Why keep saying you wanna name the person so bad only to not name them? If you cant name the person publicly why go live being vague, throwing out bits and pieces of info? Most importantly, if it went down like u said, why aren’t u in a lawyers office?

    1. ^ word.

      cassie didn’t do live.
      she did lawyers.
      it was like christian was shooting warning shots but at this point,
      why not go all the way?

      his lawyers would def not allow him to go on IG live so this is weird.

      1. Maybe he did go to a lawyer and was told the statue of limitations to file had expired in the state where the sexual assault occurred.

        Cassie filed her lawsuit just before the NY Adult Survivors Act expired.Survivors were given 1 year to file back in November 2022.That’s why all those lawsuits against Diddy,Jimmy Iovine,etc.were filed before November 24,2023.

  4. I think it’s Diddy. He used to model for Sean John and he’s mentioned this before Cassie went public about her circumstances. Talking about Tyler perry would cancel his career, his paycheck and etc. He’s probably signed a NDA if it’s Tyler.

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