Christian Keyes Has A Lethal Mouth

i didn’t know christian keyes had it in me.
i mean,
had it in him.
so steve harvey is getting a little cocky,

isn’t he?
he caused some serious controversy a while back with the kind folks over at flint, michigan.
as you know they are having a serious water crisis.
well if you didn’t know,
steve told a caller on his radio show:

…and i had to hold on my own hair with the dragging he got.
well christian keyes thinks he should apologize for his tasteless joke.
this is what christian said via the jasmine brand

“lift that heavy ass mustache up”

he deserves all the dragging he is getting.
steve thinks because he has all these tv shows,
he is suddenly made of teflon.
my side eye is still activated when he rolled up on 5th ave to trump towers.
talking about “obama told him to go there”.
the fuck?

well steve explained what he meant by the joke via hello beautiful:

In a recent interview with AJC Radio & TV Talk, the talk show host claims that he wasn’t joking about the entire town’s residents—he was just engaging in light-hearted “trash talk” between him and the Flint caller. Nothing to take seriously, he said.

“The uproar came. This is sort of crazy. It was out of context. I was just talking to this one guy,” he said. 

Harvey also tried to defend himself by stressing that he has spoken up about the Flint water crisis numerous times, set aside an hour of his radio show to discuss the topic and during the 2016 presidential election, he even pressed candidate Hillary Clinton on the subject.

“I had city officials and city members for a whole hour.”

In the end, the comedian says he was just doing what he always does. 

“I don’t know if I’ll be able to tell jokes. I can’t say nothin’ about nobody!”

 majorie needs the funds for her”off the mannequin” photo shoots on ig.
use your brain.

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6 thoughts on “Christian Keyes Has A Lethal Mouth

  1. Steve Harvey is the prime example of what a real Black Man is not.
    Mr. Harvey is so far gone, that he has forgotten to look in the mirror, and realize that he is yet still Black.
    You would think that,an educated man would be mature enough to understand that somethings should not be said.
    I guess Mr. Harvey doesn’t know how to have convivial colloquy, without being tasteless, and classless.
    Mr. Harvey you need to go back to school, and obtain a better education, and maybe then you can speak with some fresh metaphors.

  2. Never been a fan of Steve Harvey , don’t find him funny at all, and he still gets a side eye from me for the trash of a book he put out yelling woman hoe to get a man. The only thing I used to give him props for was having the straightest hairline I’ve ever seen until I found out it was fake.

  3. Please. Steve Harvey is overrated. People blew his head up so much to make him think/believe he is the spokesman for the black community and/or black males. NOT!
    The “King of Comedy” he was not..nor his good buddy Ced. There were far more funnier comedians than them.
    So when these entertainers come out of their mouth with stuff, it’s not surprising…because they believe they’re on pedestal where they can say whatever they want. And when the backlash starts, why is everyone picking on/mad at me?

  4. Wow, he came hard! that’s the type of dude I would like to have my back. Steve Harvey is doing the most for 2017 and worst than Ms. Cathy which I allow. He deserve that honorary racoon emoji. Mr.Keys needs to jump out my computer screen, and give me that manly kiss.

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