Bang Me Please

in my world,
“being mary jane” had it right.
when i think of a “cutty buddy”,
i think of ^that wolf.
the one that everyone thinks is “straight”,
but he is banging you to death when ya’ll alone.
i posted him ( x on the foxhole ig ) last night.
he got the highest likes thus far.
in my fantasies,
my ideal “cutty buddy” would be like him.
he would be…

of course.
i have to get rock hard when i look at you.
one of the reasons i love nfl baller wolves.
tatts or no tatts,
it doesn’t matter to me.
how they look on him when he turns 80 is not my issue.
unless we still fuckin’ that long in age,
my main concern is the time i’m blocking out my schedule now.
“11pm to 3am” with openings in day,
after work and holidays.
he should always be disease free and is health conscious.

wolves that look like that are just for “fun” tho.
unless he is really feeling you,
and he ain’t about the games,
then you can attempt to pursue something seriously.
for me:

i have no shame in admitting that.
for everyone else,
that might not be what they look for.
some don’t care about the physical.
that’s cool and all,
but i love fuckin’ with the “straight wolf no one suspects”.
it’s a rush and it makes me high key wild.
i’m on some freak level x 1000.
we all have a fetish and that’s mine.

you don’t have to agree with me.
i’m not fucking you.
you need to know what you lust after and own that.

if you like chubby,
then own it.
if you like fems,
own it.
if you liked muscular,
but now you like thin,
then own it.
if you for everyone,
no matter what they look like because they all get a turn,

then muthafucka own it!

too much times,
we let others decide who is appropriate to fuck with.

“he might be dl!
he is lying to everyone.”

 he didn’t lie about them test results and i’m horny so…
what didn’t work for them is what they condemn.
for me,
i know what i want and he’ll be cumming up off that meat.
you’ll learn to work around it if you choose.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

5 thoughts on “Bang Me Please

  1. OOh, he fine and wouldn’t fly on my DL radar and typical character. The guy I deal with is withholding info and being Mr. X but want to check up on me every now and then and want to know what your doing and where you at. Thank god for Tinder where I spotted his profile after we met and tracked his Facebook. Im still trying to figure this Nigga out tho!

  2. I agree u like what u like. It seems like nowadays we often have to make apologies for what we’re attracted to to be PC. Frankly I prefer masculine better yet unclockable guys. And if u dark skin wit good muscle tone game over lol. Its something low key thrilling about smashing a dude no one would suspect at least for me anyway. Granted I have come to find masculine guys are the most funny acting or maybe its just letmy city so dat da trade off.

  3. It’s cool to have our preferences/fetishes etc. but my problem stems from the fact that there are a lot of people who have a distorted view of what they like, and I blame a lot of this on the media. An example we are well aquainted with is that for us as gay/bi black men, there tends to be a superficial standard of what’s “acceptable” or attractive: He HAS to be tall, he HAS to have a big dick, he HAS to be “masculine” (again my tiff with people who throw around this word without ANY thought whatsoever; half of these meathead attentionistos are considered “masculine” with their stereotypical behaviour. I happen to think the opposite). I believe there is no coincidence that that male archetype is continuously perpeutated in the media as the “attractive black man” (Not saying that these guys aren’t attractive, but that there’s just so much more that isn’t acknowledged by society in general due to this conditioning). To contrast: when black gay men are featured in the media, we are usually underrepresented, only showcasing the femenine stereotype, which is usually (in mainstream media) put as a supporting character for a woman so SHE could get the man. Funnily enough, white gay men don’t tend to have as much of a problem with this, and I haven’t seen many white gay “charicatures” representing that archetype (fem, white)…funny. That might be just me though.

    It’s one thing to like it, but it’s another to act like the media has nothing to do with it. Media has EVERYTHING to do with it.

    I’m not trying to shame people for what they like, but honestly, it’s kind of interesting how we ourselves feel we should have shameless priveleges in our preferences: HAS to have big dick, “masculine” etc. but then shame another brother for dating a white girl. I know that situation is a little more nuanced, but is it really? We’re treating our own the very same way.

    I just would like to see people being more concious about the way they think about other people instead of resorting to default conditioning. No one stops to question why EVERYBODY likes the same thing, and pretty much EVERYBODY ignores the same thing. Yes, natural attraction DOES have something to do with it, but the media amplifies this on top of conditioning us to perceive that not only is there only one archetype of attractive, but also that there is only one archetype of ACCEPTABLE.

    It’s honestly no wonder we’re in the shit storm we’re in. Some of us are born with no chance, and no one cares.

    Why doesn’t EVERYBODY see that most of these “attractive people” are dumb as bricks and boring af? Because we aren’t conditioned to care about what ACTUALLY matters. Once you see the pattern of these people, they really do lose their allure. If a guy that I once thought was attractive even claims to be straight, or if I hear gf, I lose interest quick, because even the thought of dealing with a “straight guy that might get down” situation sounds liek a headache, and a turn off, but it’s funny how others are intrigued more. (This is different from a gay guy that isn’t suspected, or discreet guy, I’m talking about a guy who openly claims “straight” and nothing else)

    Again, I’m not trying to call people out or anything, just voicing what I’ve witnessed over the years, this whole thing really does fascinate me. Again, again, like what you like, it’s fine, no need to justify it, but knowing WHY we like some of the things we do and noticing patterns can teach us a lot about ourselves, and those around us. Cheers, and sorry for the long post… haven’t done one fo these in a while lol.

    1. I agree with everything you said. I’m beginning to question almost everything in my life right now including finding a suitable partner and I ask myself constantly, “Is this what I truly desire or is this just an effect of conditioning.” I’ve learned to be open whenever a man approaches me. It really is more about personality than the physical.

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