mo’nique nearly allegedly dog walked steve harvey?

is she still married to “that man”?
so i’m waiting to be right about mo’nique.
i’m always right,
but some folks love to argue until they get the confirmation.
they want to throw stones and grab a pitch fork.
that’s when i get to proudly roll my eyes.
the way she acted about her issues with others was disgusting.
it seems like she has taken that show over to steve harvey.
they nearly had a brawl on his set.
this is what “the jasmine brand” had to report…
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i knew stefon diggs was a freak

how did i miss the following in that video i posted yesterday?
so stefon diggs might be a freak.
a foxholer brought it to my attention today.
stefon was on “family fued” and steve asked him:

“finish this phrase: leave itwhat?”

this was his answer

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Majorie Harvey Needs Ya’ll Ratings For Steve Harvey To Pay The Upkeep

this picture can be summed up in one word.


it’s written all over his face.
he shoulda knew that was a bad idea,
but some love to learn the hard way.
steve harvey thought he was doing something.
he did something alright.
he is allegedly losing fans over his trump meeting last year.
this is what a foxholer sent me from “the daily mail”
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Christian Keyes Has A Lethal Mouth

i didn’t know christian keyes had it in me.
i mean,
had it in him.
so steve harvey is getting a little cocky,

isn’t he?
he caused some serious controversy a while back with the kind folks over at flint, michigan.
as you know they are having a serious water crisis.
well if you didn’t know,
steve told a caller on his radio show:

…and i had to hold on my own hair with the dragging he got.
well christian keyes thinks he should apologize for his tasteless joke.
this is what christian said via the jasmine brand
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Let’s Meet With Donald Trump To Help “Us”!

it seems like everyone wants to play “peacemaker” with our new president.
all of our “important” blacks are lining up to meet with him.
that last sentence was filled with sarcasm.
i guess they want to play “hero”.
kanye was the first and now we got another to put on his cape.
check who met with donald trump today via the shade room
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Steve Harvey Can’t Wrap His Mind Around “Miss Brenda J”

steveharveyso steve harvey is not jumping on the bruce jenner,
  or “miss brenda j”,
recent revelation.

hiphollywood caught up with him on the red carpet of the daytime emmy awards.
they asked him his thoughts and well…
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