I Saw “Christian Keyes” and Pressed Play

so i was watching a movie last night i’m still confused about.
“the man in 3b” on netflix.
it’s currently on pause because i fell asleep on it.
the only reason i watched is because i saw “christian keyes” in the title.
he is a vintage eye candy hood movie/stage play classic penis.
he didn’t disappoint…
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Tamar’s Love Interest Has A Sex Scene

so i did snooping:

his name is gichi gamba.
he was the wolf silhouette in tamar’s new video:

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_ITujo4gbNU]

 a reader said he had some a hot “no peen” scene in zane’s sex chronicles.

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Speaking Of Pretty Faces…

the discussion about pretty faces goes hard.
see the various LAY DOWN SOME RUBBER posts.
click here and here.
i love reading the comments, to be honest.
i’m finding them very interesting and informative.
i saw this picture of the ultimate pretty boy and wanted to know what was the difference between this one…

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Who Wants To See Christian Keyes In His First Sex Scene….

… and definitely NOT Madea.

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Christian Keyes Is Alright

That he is…
Are we still on Christian Keyes though?

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I Came About 6 Times Watching This.

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