Who Wants To See Christian Keyes In His First Sex Scene….

… and definitely NOT Madea.

Well, Zane Sex Chronicles is for YOU.
I watched the whole season on DVD, as I have nothing to do right now.
The acting is damn near terrible and the sex scenes are soft core at best,
but I enjoyed seeing Christian’s (and some others) bodies (as that is all I really want form him).


Honorable mention to:

Amin Joseph.
Step to the front.


He plays the rapper Taariq.
He smashed ol girl backstage at the comedy club.
I loved his character.
And he is a Harlem Wolf….
I would have made sure to cuff that.

Does this show even still come on?

Author: jamari fox

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18 thoughts on “Who Wants To See Christian Keyes In His First Sex Scene….”

  1. Christian Keyes is sexy as hell, and he’s looking better the more he ages. When I seen him on lets stay together, I was like DAMN he’s still bad. By the way, I’ve always loved that cross on his chest.

  2. There’s a new show you need to get into. It’s called the LA Complex. Comes on the CW. They have an actor on there playing a downlow rapper in love with his producer. Shit is good and he’s sexy as hell.

      1. LA Complex is in it’s first season; it’s actually finished in Canada (you used to be able to see them online), and now they’re showing the episodes on the CW in the US. It was the lowest-rated show EVER though, so I doubt it’ll be long for this world…unless the DL stuff stirs up controversy & people watch

  3. OMG! I heard he has a thick & long “member” he use to be a wh*re but who knows if he has changed. He sleeps with his female followers. He is a good lover.

  4. Can’t deny Chris is sexy! But I’m shocked this MF hasn’t caught a disease yet. He sure gets around and has a strong sex drive, but he wants a christian wife. Hmmm!

      1. I’m not going to tell you how I know him. He is a heaux though ask @ReeLucci who he follows on twitter. They are good “friends”.

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