I Can Hear Evelyn Zipping Up That Louis Luggage Now.

New England Patriots wide receiver Chad Ochocinco agreed to restructure his contract for the coming season, lowering his base salary to $1 million from the $3 million he had been scheduled to earn, according to a league source.

The restructured deal ensures that Ochocinco will be returning to Patriots training camp this summer.

The paperwork on the contract is expected to be turned in to the NFL Players Association this week.

Ochocinco, 34, struggled in his first season with the Patriots after being acquired in a trade with theCincinnati Bengals, catching just 15 passes for 276 yards and a touchdown.

The Patriots have added many new faces at the receiver position this offseason too, agreeing to deals with Brandon LloydDonte’ Stallworth andAnthony GonzalezDeion Branch agreed to a one-year deal to return and Wes Welker received the team’s franchise tag.


After he pays his taxes, agent fees and child support he will be……broke.

Evelyn better start searching for a new come-up because I can see that Maserati he got her heading right to the tow lot.
Then people do not like her character at this point? Star Jones up in her ass and Jennifer becoming the break out star.

WOW… how the mighty start to fall.
She better go feed the homeless or save a cat from a tree.

See Ev, being an EVIL bitch doesn’t really prosper after all.

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11 thoughts on “I Can Hear Evelyn Zipping Up That Louis Luggage Now.”

  1. As she’s zipping up her luggage, I will be unzipping mine. Chad is one pretty ass nigga, those white teeth, fine ass body, and his dark ass skin make him worth more than a million dollars. He’s still making good money though, and Evelyn loves him, she’s not going anywhere.

    1. I’m saying, I know he won’t have any problems finding someone else to replace her…she betta recognize

    2. Pretty much.
      And doesn’t Chad have endorsements?

      His salary is crazy though. One million is a lot for the average worker, but for someone who plays in professional sports? Chump change.

      If Evelyn really wants the high life, she needs to search for a baseball player.

  2. It couldnt happen to a better Bitch, this woman right here, literally makes me want to go through my TV screen and choke her and it shouldnt be this serious-lol, but really she is pure evil, and I cringe at the thought that so many young girls see her as a role model or someone to envy. She is one of the most insecure women on the planet, I think Chad is already having buyer remorse and he hadnt even walked this trick down the aisle. I cant wait until that fat gene that runs in her family kicks in and then its gonna be a wrap and its coming more sooner than later. Chad take what little money you have and run the hell away from this evil spawn of Satan.

    1. My boo is going to be broke. 🙁

      I think he’s going to be ok because like Random said he does have other endorsements, and plus he’s played for a while now, he has cash stashed away.

  3. She has to have some bomb ass punanny! There is no way that I can see myself with her wicked ass. I wish him the best. He better keep having his checks deposited into his personal account after the nuptials.

  4. Is see their relationship just like Kanye and that hoe Kim just a frount. Chad need to be like Vernon Davis and buy a design firm it shows he still a fox/wolf/hybrid but you don’t wana fuck with him and he still got money

  5. Jamari, on a previous post, you mentioned Karma . . . . . I think we are witnessing a good example right now.

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