NFL Draft 2012 has NO Top Wolf Prospects

I guess my slight ho streak went up in flames…

#1 – Dontari Poe (Chiefs)

#2 – Fletcher Cox (Eagles)

(even with the last name COX didn’t get me excited…)

#3 – Michael Floyd (Cardinals)

#4 – Michael Brockers (Rams)

#5 – Bruce Irvin (Seahawks)

#6 – Quinton Coples (Jets)

#7 – Dre Kirkpatrick (Bengals)

#8 – Melvin Ingram (Chargers)

#9 – Shea McClellin (Bears)

#10 – Kendall Wright (Titans)


My walls didn’t twitch not ONCE.
Let’s hope you all can get another one of “these” to admire:

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12 thoughts on “NFL Draft 2012 has NO Top Wolf Prospects”

  1. Wait until the dough starts rolling in. You know how money has its own way of making people llok good. Give them a few years. Based on the pics, Misters Cox and Brockers may have the most potential.

  2. Damn, I looked through these dudes several times and I couldn’t find one cute one. Shit, it’s all about their playing skills anyway. Jamari you missed one tho. Pick 30 was A.J. Jenkins drafted by the 49ers. He wasn’t really a top pic, but he’s too fine.

  3. Shoot…

    Two words for ya: Tip Drill

    I bet if you played your cards right you could get your Foxhole PR firm seed money from #3 and #4. Definitely from #6. At least a good chuck of student loans paid off, something to at least boost ya FICO scores.

    Keep the hoe streak going, but still handle ya biz. Short-term pleasures, long-term planning.

  4. Poe and flyod have potential but the best out this class by far was mr Trent Richardson. I know y’all saw his espn shirtless spot. Rg3 looks like a total queen to me. I wonder how many of them get down with the fox hole???

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