NFL Draft 2012 has NO Top Wolf Prospects

I guess my slight ho streak went up in flames…

#1 – Dontari Poe (Chiefs)

#2 – Fletcher Cox (Eagles)

(even with the last name COX didn’t get me excited…)

#3 – Michael Floyd (Cardinals)

#4 – Michael Brockers (Rams)

#5 – Bruce Irvin (Seahawks)

#6 – Quinton Coples (Jets)

#7 – Dre Kirkpatrick (Bengals)

#8 – Melvin Ingram (Chargers)

#9 – Shea McClellin (Bears)

#10 – Kendall Wright (Titans)


My walls didn’t twitch not ONCE.
Let’s hope you all can get another one of “these” to admire:

12 thoughts on “NFL Draft 2012 has NO Top Wolf Prospects

  1. Poe and flyod have potential but the best out this class by far was mr Trent Richardson. I know y’all saw his espn shirtless spot. Rg3 looks like a total queen to me. I wonder how many of them get down with the fox hole???

  2. Shoot…

    Two words for ya: Tip Drill

    I bet if you played your cards right you could get your Foxhole PR firm seed money from #3 and #4. Definitely from #6. At least a good chuck of student loans paid off, something to at least boost ya FICO scores.

    Keep the hoe streak going, but still handle ya biz. Short-term pleasures, long-term planning.

  3. Damn, I looked through these dudes several times and I couldn’t find one cute one. Shit, it’s all about their playing skills anyway. Jamari you missed one tho. Pick 30 was A.J. Jenkins drafted by the 49ers. He wasn’t really a top pic, but he’s too fine.

  4. Wait until the dough starts rolling in. You know how money has its own way of making people llok good. Give them a few years. Based on the pics, Misters Cox and Brockers may have the most potential.

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