Normani Needs To Two Step Into A Solo Career

this is the star of fifth fourth harmony,
normani kordei,
leaving her rehearsal of “dwts”.
this is her dancing during rehearsals for the show on monday…

she actually caught my eye doing this routine with sean bankhead in 2015:

…aaaaaaannnnnnnnndddddd why would she not do good solo again?
she is better than this:

i hope this can appearance can make this happen.
i see a light in this young vixen.
you can catch her on “dwts”,
monday 3/20,
at 8pm on abc.

lowkey: i don’t want to hear:

“she can’t really sing but dances well.”

neither can jlo,
or britney.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

21 thoughts on “Normani Needs To Two Step Into A Solo Career”

  1. such is the fate of girl groups, hell ANY group! They break up at their peak, one or two try to go solo and have moderate success. Few if any have a successful career like Beyonce and/or Diana Ross or Justin Timberlake.
    Fifth/Fourth Harmony needs to stay together. Camila will not have a successful solo career. She’s going to be a solo artist that has hit songs featuring others. If she has a successful solo career, I for one will be shocked. Her voice is not strong, and she’s whiny/nasal as fuck! LOL

  2. I’d say not yet also! These girls go solo and don’t get the support from their so called fans or Record Labels after especially if they’re of a darker hue . Look at Dawn from Danity Kane ; pretty girl, can dance and sing (kinda) but if it wasn’t for her instagram I’d be none the wiser as to what she’s been doing.

  3. She obviously more talented overall than the others in the group, but I’d like to see more personality from her.

    That’s the problem with most of these black women in the industry now. They’re interchangeable and lack star power.

    Dawn could’ve been big if she went the Pop music route, but she wanted to be artsy and different and that’s not really working out.

    Tinashe, Sevyn Streeter, Justine Skye, Kehlani….NO STAR POWER that rivals BeyoncĂ© or Rihanna. Nothing dynamic at all.

    I mean we could talk colorism if any of them actually had really good songs or even catchy songs.

    There seems to be a lack of new, fresh, viable talent in general. Britney’s faded, Madonna’s a mummy, Taylor and Katy are basically as big as they’re gonna get, Bey and Rih have been in the game 10 and 20 years.

    1. Yep… I’ve noticed. The new black girls lack star power. That’s why they can’t secure a loyal fanbase.
      Even the new black male singers unless you’re a lightskin like The Weeknd

      1. @96 King…nah, the males can’t establish a fan base because they all sound alike. There’s no differentiation any more. Everyone copies one another. The drinks in the club, fuck you so the neighbors hear shyt is old. For me, I need something different. I don’t need you to put out album after album of the same shit with a different beat. Others might like that, but I need my money’s worth.

        It’s sad to say but R&B and Rap/Hip-Hop for me is dead. There is no one out right now that I can honestly say has a song that I like…and that is scary. Right now, when I listen to the radio at work, I listen to either old school radio or KTU (103.5 in NY).

    2. @Jay & Jamari…Dawn belongs in a group. Her vocals work well when she harmonizes with others. Same with Sevyn Streeter. Her vocals work better singing with others as well. She has a good voice and all, but solo isn’t for her…she needs to go back to a group.

      You really can’t compare the artists coming out today with artists like Beyonce or Rihanna. Beyonce is an all around entertainer. She is one of the many few that can actually sing, and she can dance her ass off. Rihanna, as much as I love her, can thank good production for her extended career. She gets the songs that many would pass on, and they fit her.

      As for the other artists you named, Katy Perry, Britney, Taylor Swift, they’ve had their moment in the sun. They will continue to sell, but they have peaked. Madonna, she still tries to remain relevant, mimicking newer artists…but she’s too old to be doing that. Same with Mariah. She keeps trying to come off as sexy when she looking like a thot…and no one in her camp has the sense to tell her she out here looking like a damn fool. She’s like these Spanish women I see, walking around in tight ass too small clothing, thinking they look sexy. Are they told that it’s appealing, because I see it a lot.

      She still thinking throwing the latest hip-hop artist on a single is going to make it successful. That ain’t happening and I wish someone would tell her. It’s called good writing, ma.

  4. Also the group is mediocre as a whole. They’re not cohesive at all. You can tell someone just put them together.

    Luckily they came at a time where there hasn’t been any big female pop groups in forever and they developed a following that show.

    1. @Jay…I remember when they did their first performance as a group on the show. They “sang” Adele’s “Set Fire To The Rain” and LA Reid ripped them apart, which didn’t make Simon very happy.
      Of course Simon got the last laugh because they went on to be successful. The disturbing thing to me is that they started off so “bubblegum” and by their second album they were dancing raunchy and dressing half naked. Apparently this was one of the reasons Camila left the group, feeling they were too sexualized. To a degree I can understand her feelings, but that was only part of it I’m sure.

  5. as a dancer, she is the best in the group but as a singer ? nope and on stage, her live vocals are more miss than hits
    overall Dinah is the most talented one from the group (she’s the 2nd best dancer and the best singer), she need a lot of media training cause she can be very dumb sometimes but hey she is not even 20 yet
    but the girls need to stay together a solid fanbase especailly now that the annoying, selfish one left.

  6. You know what, I’ll just y’all ki ki about female singers while I keep my eye out for a male R&B/Pop singer coming out the closet *looks at Jason Derulo*

  7. I apologize because this is sooo off topic but for the people on her who has ever done an instastory(not Instagram live) can you tell who has watched your video.I need to get my lie straight, if it lets you know who has watched😂Thanks in advance.

  8. She definitely has potential she’s beautiful and can dance her ass off. While her voice may not be the strongest she can work on it, she can sing and if she finds the right music for her she could be big. It’s gonna be harder for her being a darker skin black women but I think she can do it.

  9. I guess I have really fallen off the pop radar on who is who, and who is hot. I am laughing at myself, because I downloaded some songs from this chick off of Youtube where she did some covers. I had no idea that she was in a group or even popular. I seriously thought she was just a Youtube personality who sang like so many others. Damn I need to get out more. I have heard of 5th Harmony in passing, but have no idea who is in the group and I would be shot dead if someone held a gun to me and made me name a song of theirs. It too much to keep up with in this age of social media. I like her covers, of course they are not any vocal challenging numbers but they are smooth.

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