Adrian Peterson Likes To Have Sex (For A Good Cause!)

tumblr_inline_nby8kyo14y1ss6hjj…lets hope the “good cause” is equal nuts.
so as you know,
adrian peterson is a christian.

well how could you not tell?
his social media accounts was one big bible study.
well i guess that was on social media,
because when adrian was off,
he likes to get off.
it seems adrian likes sex.
lots of christian type of sex with random holes.
so much so,
he allegedly used his charity credit card to fund an all night sex party…

The Minneapolis Star Tribune reports that Peterson was the center of an incident in an Eden Prairie hotel room that ended with a rape accusation and a lengthy police investigation that did not end in criminal charges. But, according to a 38-page police report on the 2011 incident, two relatives, including Peterson’s brother, a minor, were involved in a night of drinking and sex that Peterson’s relative told police was paid for using a company credit card for Peterson’s All Day, Inc.

“As the night wore on, the report says, one woman who said she knew Peterson previously became upset when she saw him having sex with another woman,” the newspaper reports. “She started an argument that lasted at least an hour. According to the report, when she told him that she was ‘emotionally attached to him,’ Peterson reminded her that he was engaged to another woman and had a baby.”

WhitneyHoustonmy issue with adrian is he is sloppy.
the alleged charity credit card?
he couldn’t take his own money to pay for a hotel room?
then “the star tribune” they had to report this about his charity:

Peterson’s indictment has also thrown a spotlight on his charity, Adrian Peterson’s All Day Foundation, which focuses on at-risk children, particularly girls. The charity shut down its website following the September indictment.

The charity’s 2011 financial report showed $247,064 in total revenue, and listed just three organizations that received money. A fourth outlay, entitled simply “clothing for needy families,” listed “unknown” for the number of recipients.

In 2009, the charity said its largest gift, $70,000, went to Straight From the Heart Ministries in Laurel, Md. But Donna Farley, president and founder of the Maryland organization, said it never received any money from Peterson’s foundation. “There have been no outside [contributions] other than people in my own circle,” said Farley. “Adrian Peterson — definitely not.”

The East Texas Food Bank, based in Tyler, said it received money from Peterson’s foundation in 2009, although the foundation’s tax filing for the year listed just one donation to a food bank — the North Texas Food Bank, based in Dallas.

like most “charities” in hollywood,
this sounded like a tax write off to me.
this is what happens when you play the perfect baller wolf.
the one who doesn’t do wrong.
as soon as something goes wrong,
all your skeletons suddenly raise from the dead.
everyone tries to play the public with this image.
even people on instagram and people we know.
when in reality,
there is a ratchet behind the scenes.
if you a ratchet,
then at least be honest about it.
don’t use the bible as your cover.

lowkey: i wonder if adrian’s alleged sex parties go down like this:

An alleged sex party occurred on October 6, 2005 on Lake Minnetonka with seventeen key members of the Minnesota Vikings football team; including quarterback Daunte Culpepper, Fred Smoot, Mewelde Moore, Pat Williams, Bryant McKinnie, Nate Burleson, Ralph Brown, Jermaine Wiggins, Troy Williamson (who was then beginning his rookie season), Travis Taylor, Kevin Williams, Lance Johnstone, Moe Williams, and Willie Offord.[1] Two houseboats were rented and some, but not all of the players performed sexual acts in front of crew members. Prostitutes from Atlanta and Florida were flown in for the party, in order to perform the sex acts. There were apparently ninety people on the two boats. An anonymous former player of the Minnesota Vikings claimed that this is not the first time that such an incident had happened.[2] The scandal has sometimes been referred to as the Love Boat scandal after the television program, or as the Smoot Boat Scandal in the news.

Stephen Doyle, attorney for the charter company, said some of the sex acts alleged by witnesses to have taken place during the party included, “Masturbation, oral sex, anal sex, woman on man, woman on woman, man on man, toys, double penetration, middle of the floor, middle of the couches, middle of the room.”

…the minnesota vikings seem to get crunk,
don’t they?

tumblr_ncz5oczLXS1qix9b9o1_250read the full articles: the new york post | the star tribune

14 thoughts on “Adrian Peterson Likes To Have Sex (For A Good Cause!)

  1. Since the beginning of time, there has always been Whores and Whore-mongers among us. After so many years, I dont buy anybody public image anymore. No matter how nice, sweet and innocent. We all have our days and have our ways because we are all human. I am not surprised because these men in the spotlight are lusted after and even the strongest ones among us could not stop from yielding to this type of temptation on a daily basis from both men and women. It does seems like those who boast the loudest about their faith are the ones always exposed for all their dirty deeds.

    Damn I had forgot about that Viking party, too bad cell phones were not as sophisticated and used like they are now to document that party. That Male on Male action caught my eye-WTF now that is something new I never heard about. I use to think Daunte Culpepper was everything back in the day

  2. Heard about the nfl players throw mr antrel into the mix as there were said to be a little friendliness between the fellas.

  3. Personally, I think gay sex parties are more intense. But speaking of gay sex parties, it reminds me of this greek movie that I saw when this str8 policeman went to investigate this underground sex party. Like dudes were literally fisting each other in the film (this wasn’t porn fyi) and the policeman was trying to escape, but this big dude grab him and push him to the floor, then this other guy snap the policeman’s arm. There were about to fist rape him, but lucky his partner came to rescue him in time. HELL NO.

  4. The troubling part is the charity aspect. That can get you in trouble with the IRS and jail time. And he has enough money to not cheat the IRS and still have plenty. If he cheated on his taxes, it was a very stupid move.

  5. Smh. #1 reason why I don’t trust these “charities.” If that money doesn’t go straight to the people these charities are for, I call bullshit.

    1. I agree. You think you are giving to a good cause, and your unknowingly giving your hard earned money for someone else’s habits.

  6. YUCK. This is disgusting. I can’t. And y’all want athletes? Yea, good luck with that.

    1. ^man…
      there are regular dudes who do this.
      gay boys havin orgies and sex parties at pride events.
      running the streets.
      putting their sex tapes with strangers on x tube and myvid.
      this is nothing new.
      straight regular boys are running the train on some chick as we speak.
      i’m not condoning his behavior,
      but this is just a man with money who likes sex.
      a dumb one who did something that could be traced back to him.
      you should hear what the mailroom wolves talk about pussy at my job.
      and these are just regular working pineapples!

      1. I know regular dudes do this. I was invited to a foursome last year with my roommates and two broads, but I was like….hell nah. Too many people. I don’t need another dude in the room with me. The Man doesn’t need any assistance baby. I want it to be me and two women, or me and two foxes, no other wolves are needed. I’m greedy af.

        I’m stuck on the two boats thing tho. That’s too much lol. I wonder were condoms used? Probably not lol.

      2. ^i think gays go alot harder when it comes to sex.
        you will see ten tops banging out one bottom,
        one already peed on him,
        and another shoved his whole fist in his ass.
        that boat party was on the same page as how gays fuck.
        nothing about that made me gasp honestly.
        well the admitted man on man action did.

        if you watch gay sex in porn and sex tapes,
        we have no filter in the bedroom.
        worst of all,
        its all raw and diseases being passed around.

      3. Yea, that shit is crazy and disgusting. I’ve seen those videos and can’t watch it all. Cum on top of cum and all that shit. People do strange shit for a piece of change, sometimes for no change at all. I always say “do you” but damn where do you draw the line?

      4. I agree with you, Jamari. Men have sex parties and run trains and have 3somes–whether gay, straight or bi. Just go on Adam4Adam and see the sex parties posted. And the guys on Adam4Adam and other online sites are “looking to bust” 90% of the time–no matter what they say otherwise. In addition, go to bathhouses like The Steamworks in Berkeley, CA or similar sex dens in ATL and elsewhere. So what if Adrian Peterson likes to have sex. Most men that are healthy and not sick do. So what else is new?

        But one should be careful about such things in the Age of AIDS and Herpes and Chylydiamia and Gorrnorhea and Syphylis, and . . . Well, you know the rest of the story.

        This is what I say about men: “They wake up in the morning with erections and spend the rest of the day trying to figure out what to do with it.” I just wish that I could have been the proverbial fly on the wall to witness the live porn.

        Surprise. Adrian Peterson is a man. Well, I’ll be!

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