Diggy Simmons: All “Grow-ed” Up

c27f05aebeb111e3a6da12d22e912349_8well hello diggy

tumblr_inline_miein4KOaH1qz4rgp-1…what is your work out regiment?
that v line in crazy!
oh i’m not interested.
he is 19 now tho so you can enjoy!

lowkey: remember “run’s house“?
i use to watch that show faithfully.
i love how diggy came out and showed the world,
and jojo,
he got skills on the mic.
goooooo diggy.

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Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

11 thoughts on “Diggy Simmons: All “Grow-ed” Up”

      1. Boy hush, you’re a strict top, of course you’d like that shit.

        That shit was extra limp too.

        The limper the wrist the looser the butt… 😉

  1. That is a beauty right here man. Damn Diggy, you look good man. I have always felt some way about him, especially when I used to see him on Run’s house. I was still straight back then…but damn. He is almost a couple years younger than me, so I felt guilty as hell back then too. When you are a teenager a two year gap is big lol. Y’all know.

    I want a body like that. My body has stalled out, which means I haven’t progressed in a minute. I have a figure tho, I just got to tighten it up some more tho. I am always studying or in class, so I do not have the time to work out as much as I’d like. I only study for one class to be honest. Some of y’all do too. You got that one course that gives you a headache lol. Niggas be up all night and shit. SMH.

    1. I just died at this comment The Man you so crazy lol and SO TRUE i had different classes i’d study for but the main courses i dedicated the most time too was either my math courses or my science courses (anatomy & phsyiology, chemistry, physics) all of which relate to my major…

      1. Well! I love the kids, but I don’t “love” the kids… I like ’em full-grown. I CANNOT be distracted with your schedule for next semester or creating resumes.

  2. wow i feel really old though he’s only 19 I’m going on 27 how long ago did Run’s house come on…and his body is impressive loving the definition and his heart warming smile…he’s so cute i’d just pinch his cheeks lol…BUT he’s too young…I like my men just like my music, grown and sexy lol he’s too young i like men 30+ i’d rarely talk to a guy in his 20’s like me because it’s too many games….

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