Does Norris Cole of The Miami Heat Like Foxhole? (Give Him My Email!)

Screen Shot 2014-11-08 at 4.02.02 PManyway i said to myself earlier:

“as soon as i get this laundry done,
we getting into this norris cole story…”

well laundry is done.
lets get into it.
so an f-bi sent me a link to cutie baller wolf,
norris cole of the miami heat,
being awfully generous to…
well let me show you…

Screen Shot 2014-11-08 at 4.03.06 PMtumblr_muzezv26KM1slibiio1_250everyone meet devin j.
not much info on him besides well…
so this is what “celebritea” put together on instagram:

and these were the captions for each picture:

Rumor Alert: So a couple days ago Twitter was going in a blaze, because Miami Heat player @norriscole allegedly gave @foreverdevinj “Court Side” tickets to his game… People on Twitter assumed the two are supposedly together because Devin quickly deleted the pic he posted via Instagram ( top left pic ) … We believe Devin may be #norriscole stylist and that’s why he gave him the tickets… What do you guys think ??


GET INTO THIS EXCLUSIVE TEA: Miami Heat guard Norris Cole was spotted recently at a luxury dealership in South Beach this weekend. Norris allegedly was seen handing the keys to a man that sat in a car outside of the dealership trying not to be notice and reportedly resembled @foreverdevinj . We recently posted a rumor alert of Norris giving Devin court side tickets to a recently Heat game, now this. What do you guys think? We think the two may be good friends or he may be Norris stylist .. @norriscole .. Don’t bite the messenger, I don’t make up the stories I only report them…

judging from norris instagram,
his wardrobe isn’t really that intricate tho to need a stylist.
 if devin is styling him,
norris definitely needs a refund.
why did devin erase the first picture tho?
i wouldn’t be saying:

“thanks to norris cole!”

his caption was real formal.
that ain’t “the bae” language at all.
i would also like to think devin j would be the “secret”.
the fox in the night.
i don’t know what to believe.
could devin be a:


dying of some terminal disease?
tax write off?
voodoo priestess?
and why is norris buying him a car???
a porsche at that?

my foxy senses are at war right now,
but whatever the situation is,
i hope devin doesn’t become a jackal.
you know these attentionistos tend to fuck it up one way or another.
i had to wonder tho:

Is this simply innocent,
or this another “Peanut” in the making?

lowkey: fox meat seems to be demand these days with baller wolves.
baller wolves of all careers….

IMHORNY…well i’m up next and won’t be broadcasting SHAT.

sources: celebritea | norris cole | devin j

14 thoughts on “Does Norris Cole of The Miami Heat Like Foxhole? (Give Him My Email!)

  1. My thing is that I hope this guy does not go overboard and try to blackmail this baller. Why can’t gay guys who do have a connection with a professional sports figure keep a low profile. It cause others who may get the chance to hookup and date someone of that status.

  2. #MyTwoCents Yeah it really comes down to “to each his own” preference(s). Some may prefer feminine men to justify mentally that despite the fact they are sex’n a dude who’s feminine then they themselves are not really “gay”, perhaps.

  3. many men, especially aggressive DL men, for some reason like feminine guys there’s nothing wrong with that…like The Man said everyone has their own type…i actually like seeing pics like this because it puts that dumb ass ‘no fats no fems’ rule to rest that many brothas have on their profile…i’m a big mascuiine guy and let’s say i have no trouble getting anyone, in fact i have trouble getting rid of them if they aren’t what i desire. i’m more so looking for a mental connection nowadays and maybe devin has a good heart…we can’t judge someone simply because they’re fem, fat, muscular or etc….the heart desires what it desires at the end of the day…you can’t help what you’re attracted to as my mother always says

  4. When I get chose by a baller wolf, I would not be saying anything. I always wonder why a young, professional, masculine man like myself never gets chosen. Trials and tribulations of a fox, trapped in a wolf’s body.

    1. You have to understand that people have a certain type JajR. I prefer other masculine men, but not all my fellow Wolves do. Some need femininity in their lives, and masculine men cannot provide that. Also, some are insecure and do not want a man who is threat to their own masculinity. In other words, they want someone who they can dominate in more ways than one. Hope this helps.

  5. I don’t even know anymore lol. I just hope this doesn’t turn ugly. You know how these dudes can get.

  6. How come it’s always the ultra feminine foxes that have this kinda luck? Is that what wolves are really attracted to? Cuz I’m about to be single for the rest of my life!

    1. ^i think they have the luck because they are in the right circles.
      he is friends with donovan lamar,
      a make up artist to many popular vixens in entertainment.
      when you run in the right circles,
      you are bound to meet the wolves you want.

      that tranny was partying in chris brown house.
      she got in through a friend of his.
      see babe: the right circles.

    2. No this isn’t what all Wolves want. I love all my men masculine, and that’s a must requirement on my list lol.

      1. Jamari, at the end of the day, those ballers are not the biz. A lot of them will tap anything with ass and legs, whether it is a woman, a man, hell even hermaphrodite.

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