Aaliyah Was So Light Skin That She Was Asian

aaliyah-baby-girlso more pictures are being released from this “aaliyah: disaster” movie.
as you know it comes on lifetime on november 15th.
well they released a picture of actress elise neal,
who is playing “gladys knight“,
and a very young asian aaliyah…








XsM8ethis is turning out to be such a chitlin circuit play.
i’m actually ready for this foolishness.
i know twitter is the place to be that night.
here is an extended trailer:


…and a sneak peek with “r.kelly”:

they was saying “finna” back then?
excuse my ignorance.
oh and here is what aaliyah looked like as a kid:

uh huh.
i see it.
those light asian features were strong as hell!

*pictures credited to lifetime

Author: jamari fox

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9 thoughts on “Aaliyah Was So Light Skin That She Was Asian”

  1. Ay Wendy is so stupid. What did she do? I’m surprised for a black woman and she pick actresses that look far beyond Aaliyah. Why do I get the feeling she’s prejudice in some way?

  2. …wendy was always trash, so i’m hoping she gets dragged so fatally that on the next episode of her show, she’s gonna have to borrow her momma’s wig

    i’m petty ;P

  3. I wish they would have just left her alone, cuz so far I am not impressed by Lifetime nor Wendy’s antics.

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