It’s Hard To Be A Pretty Boy In These Streets

tumblr_ncq510gQ2P1r75wbeo1_1280it’s hard being a boy.
a pretty boy at that.
you ain’t been knowing?
who wants to deal with the vixens having googly eyes.
gays gawkin’ on the street.
other boys lookin’ like we peed in their cornflakes.
too much!
gives me a headache thinking about it.
well ever since that video of that vixen ( x getting harassed on the street ),
all the wolves have been taking it personally.
  the wolves of “modelpranksterstv” decided to show us with a video.
an f-bi sent me this wonderful treat…











well i hope these vixens out here realize just how hard it is!


lowkey: i love when boys get in their feels like this.

“its hard to be a man!
i don’t get how or what vixens deal with!
we are both the same!
my period is also late and i’m mad at the world!

…like get over yourself.
just like how wolves want to tell foxes how we should feel.
get all the way out my face with your TOP entitlement issues.
women will always be lowest on the totem pole next to men.
they can voice their complaints no matter how small.
the real thing is basically,
that in both videos,
everyone is just over being attractive.
 this is what its all coming down too.

video found: modelpranksterstv

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

22 thoughts on “It’s Hard To Be A Pretty Boy In These Streets”

  1. what about when these situations can easily morph from appreciating another’s aesthetic to stalkerish behavior or less severe, extreme attempts to gain attention. it,s not about shunning one’s attractiveness, but acknowledging how unstable men and women can n do become over the object of their desire. and trust me, guys and gals do stalk other guys

    1. Thank you. They don’t get it Butter. They think they are supposed to approach us any type of way and we are supposed to accept it. I guess the people they meet on Jack’d and the jumpoffs they deal with has really gone to their heads. People breathing down your neck, staring too hard, invading your personal space. Ain’t got no time for that shit. How about barbers who come on to their customers, we never talk about that. I heard of a barber who almost came to blows with a customer at midnight in his barber shop lol. Yes, you read that right. The man he came on to gets down, but he did not want the barber. Get this tho. The barber told the customer to never come back again. Ain’t that something? He violated him and told him not to come back.

      1. smh wow people feel that they can violate you and once you turn them down they get offended…i know what it’s like to be verbally disrespected after dealing with a TOP and they still want to be sexually involved with you, etc and you tell them no or you can’t do this anymore they turn into cowards and become rude…i’m not fit or anything so i dont never really recall getting hit on like the guy in the video but i have been approached and honestly it’s scary sometimes especially when dealing with aggressive men…i dont think folks understand, regardless of orientation there’s a correct way and incorrect way to talk to people….

  2. I have been in this situation myself. People are going to look because it is human nature. GOD gives us two eyes to see and a mouth to use, but we must have control over our thoughts and reactions.

  3. Smh like these ppl aren’t trading on their looks when it benefits them?

    The ONLY attractive ppl I’ve ever known to complain about attention had no social grace and they were all single and wondering why.

    1. Well, I guess I will be an exception because I am very liked by plenty and get along with lot of people, mostly straight because dudes in the life don’t understand me. When you stand out they never do. Jay, what makes you think people want to be treated like objects? It’s not a good feeling, and at 21, I’m not wondering why I’m single

  4. i definitely know what it’s like to be objectified, claimed, and drooled over, eye fucked as jamari would say, by females and males. my problem has been, it’s never openly been from the ones i want, lol. but to be honest, it can get tiresome when ppl cross the line, though i don’t regret my looks

  5. Please stop trying to turn this into a light skin bashing session. I sense nothing but jealously from the first two comments and I’m chocolate toned. Good looking people do not view other people as animals unless you act like one. I do not care what anyone says. People in these streets are rude and mean when they do not get their way, especially men in this lifestyle. People who are not used to the attention do not get it because most because they are the ones acting like animals or crave the attention themselves. Being objectified is not cool, especially when it is by a man. Overall, men are aggressive creatures, and they tend to approach someone who they find attractive in a very hostile and disrespectful way. I’ve had people look me dead in the face at close range, touch me, make derogatory remarks. That is too much, and that is when things go too far. The only time I like the attention is when I can benefit from it, and I wouldn’t call getting laid a benefit when I am not interested in the person.

    1. Well first I wanna say I appreciate your response and your entitled to your opinion but however I have to say that jealousy was not my motive when I agreed with the first comment it was just my opinion maybe kinda bias sure but I had no mal intent btw I sense in the overall tone of your response some hostility and A little boost in your comment like you had to go out of your way to associate with these people maybe im wrong but it sure came off that way.

      1. Yea, you are wrong because I have talked about my past experiences with thirsty people on here since day one. Have I not? Check the archives, it’s nothing new. Forget associating with them, I’m standing up for them because people fail to get it. It’s not being full of yourself and being a victim. It’s about people needing to learn how to be respectful more.

    2. Well sir you are absolutely correct people should always be mindful of what their boundaries are I totally agree with you and I hope I didn’t come off as undermining anyone’s feelings or their struggle but I do think situations or topics like this tred a very fine line and it eventually it becomes more about social rank and perpetuates social and physical value within an already shallow fickle society that thrives on the devaluation of the human being solely based on looks.

    3. 1) lol

      2) I never said that men aren’t pigs.

      3) I never said that street harassment isn’t a big deal.

      4) It’s kinda weird that you called yourself “chocolate”.

      5)How did your get at all from the little of what I said that I’m jealous? I was barely touching upon the fact that in both videos the two young people were light/white passing. The first video was completely and utterly racist as they edited out all the white men that came on that woman down to just one; there’s many sources online proving how terrible the first video is and how it’s villainizing black and latino men. The second one was just petty and I won’t go about how stupid it was , because Jamari already did so.

      6) I’m here for most of what you said after the first six sentences, but no need to come for me friend 🙂

      1. You did say you hate light skin people didn’t you? Am I wrong? Let me guess, you meant to say something else. #FradulentSlip

        I’ve said a lot of things, but I never go back on it. I’m tired of this complexion thing, it needs to stop. People hating people for no reason and when you call them out on they try and justify it and fail. How was it weird I called myself chocolate toned? Am I the first person to do so? I forgot in the minds of a lot of men in the life, everyone is light skin unless you are pitch black. I think it is weird that you think people want to be victims too. SMH.

    4. 1) I absolutely did say I hated light people. Good comprehension skills! I mean that sincerely, because sometimes people fabricate words to prove their argument.

      2) It’s convenient that you used the other half of the sentence -which by the way answered why I do feel this way about lighter folks- for the very end to devalue my points addressed in the reply.

      3) I never once said you were lightskinned, I simply found it weird that you would call yourself “chocolate”. You’re not the first that I’ve heard, but it’s weird that you needed to clarify your shade of blackness instead of just say you’re not light skinned. lol

      4) Victimize is defined by Merriam-Webster as two similar, yet distinct, definitions. 1 : to make a victim of, and 2 : to subject to deception or fraud : cheat. The second definition is very important. See point 5.


      6) I would go even broader onto the levels there are to this shit, what with the “lightskin vs darksin” memes on social media, the constant criminalization of black and afrolatino men, and “missing white woman syndrome”, but I won’t because you would probably think I’m “reaching”.

      7) There’s a thin line between love and hate. 🙂

      1. Well I mentioned my exact skin color because I like to be specific and detailed about my qualities, nothing wrong with that. You used the first video to prove your point that light people want to be victimized, but that’s one video and one light skin person, so you are going to put all of them in a box based on that. Please stop. I guess it would be also safe to say your hate for lighter people did not exist until you watched these two videos. There is a thin line between love and hate huh? Well your argument isn’t proving that because you are bashing today.

    5. I also feel like you’re equating “lightness” to “attractiveness” which is not the case, nor my intention. My concern is why the white/lighter body is always the victim, target, what have you, in these videos and black folk are the attackers.

      The “us against them” angle was created by the whites, and trinkled down to the “lightskins” in the black community.

  6. Lol this video doesn’t even compare to the other one. Some of the situations in that girl video were scary.

  7. This is a very interesting topic I think this should open up honest dialogue about how good looking people view others from their point of view this video is some what very telling about the mind set of these people I don’t know but I think I have to agree with the first comment its almost like they feel victimized and look at these animals oh my!

    1. By the way jamari I love your blog longtime reader first time commenter keep up the good work!

  8. lol i was gonna go on a rant, but i’m just gonna say that i seriously DO hate light/white/fairer-skinned people because they always wanna be victimized… just in general tho

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