Caitlyn Jenner Does Glamour’s Women of The Year Awards

caitlyn-jennerso as you know caitlyn jenner is a vixen.
so what does that mean?
she gets to go to an award show for vixens.
the “glamour’s women of the year” award.
its her “big night”!
“just jared” has the pictures of her arrival today…
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Grab A Chunk Out of Dwyane Wade’s Cake

Dwyane Wade and Gabrielle Union Sighting In Malibu - September 21, 2013…oh sorry ya’ll.
gabrielle gets the first grab.
i bet he is sexin’ her absolutely stupid.
you can just tell.

lowkey: i’m glad he got his fox swagg in order too.
i hope she got a grab on those terrible outfits he use to wear.

….what was he thinking dressing stephen here?

pictures found: just jared

Chris Brown: Do We Need To Have A Sit Down?

where is this person?
he looked healthy.
i just saw some new pictures of breezy wolf on just jared.
right after that court appearance,
he went to the playboy mansion for the bte all star kick off party.

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