tumblr_m6janwjP681r1069oo1_500you been waiting and waiting.
the person to fix for your security system was supposed to be there an hour ago.
you don’t mind sitting in the crib because its a heatwave,
but damn,
you have things to do before a certain time.
they said they would be there at 10am and its now 3pm.
no bueno.
you finally see the van pull up to your crib.
he gets out…

tumblr_mpzzu1aK5G1qe8nc8o2_1280i know.
funny enough,
as soon as he pulled up,
so did his account on JACK’D.
you know that tracks meat and butt cheeks close to you.
he didn’t show his face,
but the tat on his arm matches the one in the default.
ain’t that something?
do you want to get his attention?
are you mad as hell so fuck him?
do you just want to fuck him?


29 thoughts on “WHEN WE ROLE PLAY: (62)

  1. Does he show up shirtless? If so he’s going to have to recompense wasting my time

  2. Dang thought I was the only one who got nervous around dudes like, this, I know I automatically light up when someone is attractive it sort of hard to hide, at least you can spark convo easily because you can playfully tease him for being so late and tell him how hot you been waiting on him.

    S/N Deborah V welcome to the foxhole, always good to get a female perspective, but please note that your statement about AIDS was very offensive, we as gay men are well aware of the risk of this disease as most of us have lived with this our whole adult lives, we have discussed the risk and how we protect ourselves on numerous occasions on here, please believe we are family in here and feel comfortable with each other and we may blow things out of proportion a little, dont take us so literal that is our nature when it comes to good looking men.

    1. Yea, I too would playfully tease him for being late. Teasing and joking around gets me in my comfort zone.

    1. Good evening Cee slim I would imagine. The person receiving the penis is more sustible to catching HIV faster. This is why I prefer the giver and would turn a blind eye ha ha seriously being bent over has more risks.

    2. Cee, go to an HIV prevention class/clinic or speak to a doctor. Taking answers from people who aren’t fully knowledgeable will get you into a world of trouble. Having unprotected sex is risky. Don’t play the numbers game when deciding which form of sex to have. The only thing you are doing is playing Russian roulette with your life.

  3. SHOOT!

    I’ll be real and say I would go get that dick. Fantasy like shit. Grab me a condom and get in these guts!!!!!

  4. Be more strategic….strip run in and out the shower real quick, wrap nothing but a towel around me so that I am conveniently naked when he gets to the door, with a bowl of ice on the table cause it is hot as fuck….and then as he is fixing the Security system…..make sure to let him get a glimpse of what is needed to get his attention….per whatever his jck’d account says….

    Security system fixed for free…..and good nutt to boot……cause trust once shit is done…he’ll be paying me….haha ….:)

  5. Afternoon Is this why gay men have AIDS and other diseases? These answers are eye opening. You see a man like that and would fuck him. Herpes can be transferred with a condom.

    1. Afternoon Deborah..but you do know straight women has AIDS and other diseases as well right! This is just a forum..don’t take these answers too serious. We’re living out fantasies…this isn’t how we are everyday lol

    2. Lol sadly that maybe the reality. Glad a woman is saying it, if i said It I would sound like the “bad one” , the “mean one”, the one who doesn’t say yes to everything.

  6. If he wanted it, he would get it. Immediately. With a quickness. Repeatedly. Let the women do what women do. Let those looking for a relationship do what they need to do. More power to you and good luck. I’m not trying to marry or have children by him and we will be practicing safer sex. By the time y’all finish running background checks, credit checks, references etc. you can have whatever is left…if anything. It’s possible he may never be heard from again.

    1. So the issue is he may not be “available” so you get anything you can get when it is around? You don’t find yourself tempting enough to want him to come back? No? You’re a sex toy?

  7. I would fuck him. Sigh is that all we as gay men are? Looking for the next best fat dick to lay up inside us? Would women even think about fucking him on first site?

    1. WAVES HARD! Hi everyone. Speaking from a black woman’s perspective, seeing a man like that would make me wet but I wouldn’t sex him. I need to know if he has any diseases, kids, or married. Do gay men think about things like that or is it just “go in for the kill”? No offense and I love this site! Its My guilty pleasure at work.

      1. Hi Shanda…no we don’t always think like that, we are just living out our fantasies on the net. I know I am well aware of all of this diseases out here and is currently celibate. But that don’t stop my from fantasizing when I see something sexy and tempting lol!

      2. Yes shanda unfortunately I think a bulk majority of them do.(or from how the ones I’ve met present themselves – willing to suck dick and swallow nut on the first day ..sometimes in less than 3mins of meeting them) Although some VERY decent ones don’t, they will show attraction, which is not a bad thing and even though they find you extremely attractive will push the attraction till due date and then ride and fuck you silly.

  8. We will have to start our very own heat wave. That brotha is sexy..he can def get the cakes!

  9. Crank up the AC and take him in my room and smash. He can come back and do the security system another day.


    Would I sound like a ho ass nigga if I said I would try to get the di

  11. I get nervous around men who look like that. Maybe it’s self esteem issues, but sometimes I feel my attraction would show on my face.

    1. Men like that make us all nervous lol. Who cares if they figure out we are attracted to them? It’s not like they can check us on it unless we touch them lol.

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