How To Be A “Hoe” and Win At The End of 2013

ringnthingsevelyn lozada got me considering being a hoe in 2014.
i kid i kid.
i think…
you see that rock?
that’s a licks my balls,
eats my ass,
and still keeps suckin’ out leftover nut
morals out.
i’m not even gonna hate on the cum up.
i’m really starting to believe smart hoes are winning.
like i said being “the nice guy” is NOT the wave.
the ones on doing free work need not apply.
it can happen for “us”.
we just choose to fuck stupid dusty hood rats.
when “some” get a man with some cash money,
“some” fuck it up somehow.
see: all the queens in 2013 who had rich men.

giphy (1)lowkey: ( x jason arasheben ),
ceo of jason of beverly hills provider of diamond luxuries,
made the ring for ev and carl.

i hope this story has a happy ending.

x see more on evelyn’s instagram

15 thoughts on “How To Be A “Hoe” and Win At The End of 2013

  1. How is her ring bigger than D Wade’s to Gabrielle Union’s? He is the donkey of the month. Ev is…..never mind.

  2. Its so much wrong here but my fingers are tired and it would be a dissertation to discuss Evelyn Lozado. Im thinking that this dude is messed up as she is. They both seem to live very messy lives, he is currently in a volatile situation with his other baby mama, thats playing out in the press and we know her history. Evelyn cooch has more rings around it than a California redwood tree but she keeps getting someone to invest in it. Maybe she has changed from the shallow money hungry gold digger that she was, but like someone else says, all the public men who have dealt with her are now in ruins and if I was Carl, I would be extremely cautious but clearly he thinks his money will never run out and he has no worries. She just seems like bad news but a fool and his money are soon departed. Good Luck to both.

  3. I’m just glad that this Carl is dating another person of color because I get tired of seeing Black, Asian, and Latino dating strictly snowbunnies especially the blondes. But one thing ponder me and that is do these hoes really have a happy ending. I mean yea you have lots of money, cars, and a beautiful house/houses but is it really worth it? But at the end of the day you will be home alone in that giant mansion and your “friends” would put a smile in front your face, but would quickly stab you in the back when you’re not looking. And yea Evelyn might have this man right now, but eventually he will cheat on her on somebody younger and get her pregnant then marry her.

  4. Evelyn boo make your money i don’t know you personally nor am i going to judge you. Men have been playing games with females for decades, if they want to give up the bread then take it.. The reason these athletes like to be famous is for the glitz and the glamour…if they’re going to spend their money on her let them, hell if it’s not her it’ll be some random white chick they find. either or i’m not mad at her i rather see a woman dating a man with something to bring to the table than dealing with broke men with extra drama..i promised myself that after graduating college this year i’m not dating anyone without ambition or goals of their own…no more broke, but can fuck you good brothas over it…time for a change lol…however i have been saying this since day one, woman have the power to turn this world upside down, right between their legs. men have killed, stolen and destroyed lives over the power of the pussy…lol just saying kingdoms have eras have collapsed due to the power of the the name malinalli tenepal and you’ll see exactly what i mean…Woman are deadly men think they run this but in reality woman have so much more powers up their little prissy sleeves lol but unfortunately many women have a higher tolerance of bullshit than men do and continue to deal with bums, especially black woman

  5. She seems to just date black professional athletes. Must be the money. And those black professional athletes that date here are STUPID. The pussy may be good but many women have good pussy. She may suck and lick dick and balls well, but many women do that. The big dummies are probably “color” struck with her long hair and near-white features. The big dummies. She seems to have turned her pussy into a retirement plan.

    1. What near-white features? She is clearly an Afro Puerto Rican woman, hello, have you seen her face? With her full lips and wide nose, and let not forget her caramel olive skin complexion which is hardly white/European.

      1. Let’s see: I just looked at a few online pictures of her courtesy of Google. Whites are known for their pale skin, stringy hair (of various colors), light eyes, and pointy noses and thin lips. Blacks are known for their dark skin, tightly coiled hair (of black or dark brown), dark eyes and broad nose and full lips. Lozada has light skin, stringy hair (that is streaked with blonde). She’s about mid-way between the two so she might be considered near-white or near-black.

        She might also be considered to have the mulatto look or to be “light, bright and nearly white”. She definitely does not look like the “prototypical” black woman. She looks similar to mulattos (biracials/mixed) Nicole Murphy, Paula Patton and Halle Berry and others.

        And let’s face it, with all the self-hating that African American men have, she fits the “bill”. Please note that in music videos made by African American male artists, the women who are held up as most desirable often look like Lozada–mixed, mulatto or light bright and nearly white.

  6. She definetly knows what she doing

    She realized her time with BBW is up and she don’t have much money, so she went on the hunt in the MLB world since she’s already done the NBA and NFL. She finds a guy and gets preganant and is now engaged.

    She was making sure she was secure I guess going into her old years where she will have to retire

  7. I am still stuck on the fact that Carl got this hoe pregnant. This man has to be in the running for donkey of the year. This makes no sense. How could a man be so stupid?

    This is my problem with Evelyn. I believe she is a gold digger. All she dates is athletes. It is like she wants to trap men and milk them for all their money and throw them to the side like they are garbage. That is the image she gives off. I have little respect for her. This woman has been through the NBA, NFL, and MLB, and every man she has been with is broke. Antoine is broke, Chad is broke, and Carl will be next. I will not feel sorry for him when he is sitting on a street corner holding out a cup asking for spare change. I am not mad either. I have had a great year myself. No hate over here lol.

      1. Update on this story- Looks like Mediatakeout has been trolling the foxhole looking for stories, they did a Blind Item sort of story and it was easy to figure out that it was Ms. Lozado, they suggested that she pratices Santeria and has a relative that is a Santeria Priest and that is how she has been getting these Baller Wolves.

  8. Something in the milk ain’t clean here for me… Just last year she got out of an abusive relationship and a two month marriage, and this year she’s pregnant and engaged? And granted baseball players make a nice coin, but that’s a VERY expensive ring for a reality show ho. The whole thing just don’t sit right with me…I guess the heaux is winning!!

    1. ^her cooch is marked with the beast.
      plus i read he had a baby mama he was with,
      had 2 kids (one of which was born last year),
      and left his baby mama for ev.
      already starting out wrong,
      but ev is gunning for that spousal support lol
      she aint low rich.
      we see her.

    2. She is That Hoe Over There, that is why she is able to confuse everyone man. Hoes are calculating, manipulative, and conniving lol.

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