“I’m A Messy Queen… And You Are Too.”

i have followed this breezy wolf vs frank ocean throw down on various sites.
the comments have been…
well, you know.
it’s fan vs fan.
people are bringing up breezy’s violent past.
one he will never live down until he dies.
the thing that is striking me the most is that everyone is saying how much a messy queen frank ocean is.
they are also saying how,in a general sense,
that gays are just messy period.
that means you,
it means me,
hell it means every fox/wolf/and hybrid in this lifestyle.
i had to ask myself if they are right to make such an assumption?
is it stereotyping?
are they right?
it’s sad when i have to agree and i can’t even argue.
does that make me a bad person?
i had to wonder…

Will gays always be labelled messy queens?

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Frank Ocean and Breezy Wolf Have A Massive Brawl At The Studio

it’s ON!
breezy wolf was obviously still mad after that twitter beef they had last year.
the one where breezy wolf’s cousin’s chased him down in that car…

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c8yp5_1yZj8]

they reunited to have that duel last night….

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