f0xSwagg: Would You Wear What A$AP Rocky Has On?

i think a$ap has a nice style.
it fits the image he is trying to convey.
rebellious little brother who likes labels.
he recently wore something on 106 and park that has everyone talking.

so you know i had to ask you guys…

It’s no secret that Harlem rap artist A$AP Rocky likes to push the envelope with his fashion sense. When he and his crew of A$APs first came onto the scene, some members were criticized because they painted their fingernails and wore tight jeans.

Rocky himself even rapped “Yeah, clothes get weirder, money get longer, pretty nigga pin your hair up” on his track “Wassup,” apparently giving some insight on possible future fashion choices.

And now the homophobic Hip Hop community is once again beside itself as A$AP Rocky, in a recent appearance  of BET’s “106 & Park,” decided to rock what can either be considered a long sleeveless dress or an over-sized tank top that retails for about $400 bucks.


does that oversized tank match your swagg?

13 thoughts on “f0xSwagg: Would You Wear What A$AP Rocky Has On?

  1. Not mines. Why he look like somebody momma, who getting ready to take them to school in the morning?

  2. That Beyonce gif has slayed and snatched my soul this evening-on the floor, because Im feeling the same way with this fashion fuckery!!

  3. No sir…I understand trying to be different and unique, but c’mon man that just looks silly! Its like he has on about 6 different outfits..a mess lol!

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