this country is headed into chaos and we’re going if we like it or not

what another sad day in this country.
roe v wade was overturned meaning abortions are now illegal.
( x read it here )
legal guns might be an easy concept in new yawk.
( x read it here )
they allegedly are putting same-sex marriages on the chopping block too.
( x read it here )
it’s like this country is headed backwards.
america was the land of the free but suddenly it’s looking like it’s not.

I’m tired.

i’m kinda tired of the people who complain tbh.
we always do this after we get dicked down raw by the government.
we cancel idiotic celebs for their dumb shit but not the real issues.
everyone lives in a social media world,
getting upset over the dumbest shit,
but the boomers in office never face their cancellation.
why is mitch mcconnell still in office for so long?
it’s like everyone wants to be upset

…and stay complacent after the tears are dried and voices are lost.

 i learned how stupid people were when the rona hit.
before that,
it was trump becoming president.

in the middle of a panny,
people were complaining and judging about THEIR SAFETY.

other countries were locking down but we were protesting “freedom”.
what i’ve learned…

Some people in this country strive in chaos.

they know it’ll be a think piece and a hot take but we will get over it.
we always get over it.
i don’t know if we are tired of fighting or what,
but there are more people who just want to see the world burn.
you’d think after all these mass shootings,
gun laws would be tightened.
let’s focus on vixen’s bawdies and trans kids.
so i’m gonna blame these idiots out here.
they can’t get it together so when surrounded by idiots

… Why should we care?

ain’t shit gonna get done so don’t raise your blood pressure.
we have wayyyyyyy to many of the wrong people in power.
guess what?

The idiots put them there.

deep down inside,
many of us don’t care until it affects us.
gas prices are a mess,
inflation is destroying us,
and crazy jackals and hyenas are at their peak levels.
shit it hitting different in this decade of the 20s.
going forward with this latest drama,
the straights need to know:

Fucking randoms raw comes with consequences.
You may end up having a kid or seven with your weak pulling out.
She will be denied an abortion and you’ll have to get it together even if you aren’t ready.


lowkey: if you think sex work ain’t about to be on the table.
they may make that shit illegal illegal.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

7 thoughts on “this country is headed into chaos and we’re going if we like it or not”

  1. A person would have to be blind and illiterate to not see or read this in the tea leaves.
    A few little dick old white farts that should be enjoying retirement are wreaking havoc. McConnell and those ancient cheerleaders that fuck with him are causing a commotion.
    The real tee hee hee is going to unfold when Trump discovers that he was ONLY tolerated and exploited to get these judges appointed to accomplish the Republican political goals.
    They are turning on him. They are ready to offer him up as a sacrifice; once he figures it out, shit is really gonna stink. They are going to self immolate. He is going to blow that dog whistle and set their stank rank ass’s aflame.
    I hate the Democrat’s weren’t nicer to Trump, that they didn’t flatter his dumb ass into submission. He is such a easy study, a few kind words would have gone so far.

  2. Soooooo because your not allowed to kill life.. it’s wrong? you’re agenda and you’re Sodom and Gomorrah “spirit” will fail as God ordained it!.. enjoy you’re sinful life because the devil and his people/you…are short God bless 🙏

    1. If you’re going to quote a book ripped from African stories that feature BLACK people as the main characters, at least get it right. Sodom and Gomorrah were animal rapists and pedophiles, not homosexuals, trans or lesbians.

      But the way y’all cover up predators in families and have little girls “cover up” at the cookout, as long as they ain’t gay right? They can abuse children, kill, have babies and not care for them…EVERYTHING EVIL..but GAY is the problem?

      You proved his point you troglodyte dipwad neaderthaal caveperson.

      They’re also lowering age of consent. Why? So girls can be raped and FORCED to carry the children of pedos. But go off, psycho.

      1. ….Such a LIER…they were fukcin children animals and each other and anything that moved!.. pretty much like 2022 so stop it🙃..the beauty about this new Sodom and Gomorrah is that the plagues are taking people out at a fast rate and the sign”s of GODs judgement is on point and on time 😌…you spirit filled people enjoy ya season because it’s just about over… REPENT

      2. You sound stupid 🤣🤣…I’m black from Newark NJ the hood and I know we the people of the bible crack head duhh…but we gone skip the part about not sleeping with a man as you would a woman…. FACT’S DOES NOT CARE ABOUT YOU’RE FEELING’S KAYYYYYYYY🙃

    2. 1000% agree. This Jamari guy/gal is literally the problem. He should just put on a dress get string out and prostitute himself on the corner.

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