Getting Shitted On Can Be A Good Thing

when shit happens in your life,
you can go through a metamorphosis of sorts.
i have been feeling like that foxhole.
after being laid off,
and seeing who my real “friends” are,
i have been getting a new coat of thicker fur.
i mean,
i’ve been through this before,
but it’s tougher this era.
i’m out of “everything sucks” and in “taking myself to the next level” mode.
the fear i use to have isn’t like how it was years ago.
i’m giving myself a much deserved mental break after everything i been through.
one where i’m learning to just relax and not live in “panic” mode.

i was in the shower earlier and something came to me.
there are a couple reasons why things go to shit in our lives.

1) so you can be humbled tremendously
2) so you can do what your calling really is

there is also a third one that i’ll address down below…

when you a bitch ass mega trife pineapple,
you can expect to be…


you cannot go through life,
hurting others and burning bridges,
and not expect to be punished.
i’ve seen plenty of animals who were skinned alive by karma.
it was like one karmic event after the other.
they completely fell off.
not to mention,
the ones they did wrong added to their demise.
after they hit rock bottom,
the true test is climbing back up alone.
some become better while others stay down and are washed up.
have you noticed that you keep getting certain jobs,
but they never really work out?
it’s always a blessing when you get it,
but after a while,
you start getting completely bored and over it.
that means…

You are bigger than that shit

i hate the “9 to 5” life and some of the animals who i encountered doing it.
the jobs always start out great,
but after a while,
i start to feel like i’m trapped in a cage.
i’m only doing it for a check as we do with most jobs.
my bosses/c0 workers end up being dick heads or raging hormonal bitches.
as everyone gets to know me,
they start to tell me i’m way too talented to sit at a desk.

if you have something going on,
or you want to have something going on,
the job could have randomly ended so you can pursue it.
God hears all.
you been saying how much you hate it long enough.
well you get what you say/think.
it’s no doubt that jobs can make you complacent for years.

the final one is when a relationship/friendship ends on a bad note.
it just ends with no explanation as to why.
they were treating you like shit and took you for granted.
you have to find the closure on your own.
well you were removed from their life for a reason.
your blessings suddenly unlocked.
maybe they were holding you back?
you end up getting a series of wins after.
no better revenge than looking good and living good,
well that’s when you…

Humble another

everyone doesn’t know what they had until it’s gone.
by that time,
it’s too late to come back.
you have moved on and living your best life.
they are humbled once they see they have no effect on you any longer.
you have the power they once had.
you only get that power once you separate from them.
you’ll be the story of “the one who got away”.
they’ll tell everyone how great you were.
it’s a shame they didn’t see that when you were there.

it all made sense by the end of my shower.
i was so excited,
i had to share it with the foxhole.
so take this time to realize that shit happens for a reason.
nothing is truly “bad” unless you feel it is.
rejection is usually for your protection.
it all starts and ends with bettering of you.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

10 thoughts on “Getting Shitted On Can Be A Good Thing”

  1. When certain jobs or even relations don’t work out. It usually means it’s not for you. If you keep getting certain jobs in an industry that don’t work out…you got the job because of your experience lost the job because it wasn’t a fit or your time doing something i’s over. Same as relationships. You get into a relationship because he or she us your “type” if relationships with your “type” keep ending ..that “type” is no longer a fit for the person you are now.

    The reason we keep sticking to our type is because it is familiar. It’s time to realize their is something deeper we have to learn about ourselves and that we have outgrown what we are used to…we just need to realize it

    1. “The reason we keep sticking to our type is because it is familiar. It’s time to realize their is something deeper we have to learn about ourselves and that we have outgrown what we are used to…we just need to realize it”

      Love this Tony my therapist recently had me do an exercise relating to the statement above.

  2. Great post, when things don’t work out we always point out part in the demise instead of thinking maybe it wasn’t for me. we all have dreams but sometimes we don’t think of the ways to reach them just of the outcome, not the hard road to get there.

    Also when we ask god for certain things we have to be sure it’s what we want because he’ll give them to you just not in the way you were expecting.

    1. ^and that is what I was doing with this:

      “what did i do?!”

      but i did what needed to be done.
      they got rid of me before they could see my potential.
      their loss.

  3. Anything that is not growing is dying! If I’ve learned anything about making it through this journey, is that the best response to trial and tribulations is ‘why NOT me/?’ rather than ‘why me?’ None of us are exempt. What I find exciting about your response is that you are developing insight, the ability to reflect and do the internal assessment that really propels growth. As to all life has to offer: SNATCH & GRAB! There’s enough for everyone. What’s for you is for you, no apologies!

    1. ^thank you nevets!
      i went through a mild depression,
      but something has awakened in me recently.
      im on another level of this mountain now.
      i know what i want and what needs to be done to get it.
      i am my own worst enemy at times and i need to stop making “me” my biggest hurdle.

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