Your Personality Is Keeping You Single

take a selfie
look good
don’t speak
don’t smile
look like your dog died
take a video
remove layers of clothing
smize into the camera
wait for likes
everyone likes you
happy camper

that is a regular day for someone on social media.
if you are an attentionisto,
it’s almost better to just be a mute with a bawdy.
what i’ve noticed tho…

…is we don’t like those with a personality.
in my opinion,
having a personality means you can laugh at yourself.
you aren’t afraid to talk about the dumb shit you did.
there is more to you than a hook up after “11pm to 4am”.
you have a brain and thoughts inside of it.
you’re more than a beautiful blow up doll.
it seems that when you are that,
it almost ruins the image potentials have of you.
God forbid you have an opinion about something…

insta-turn off.

why does it seem like in order to be “liked”,
you can only do but so much?
everyone is
walking around like real life selfies.
if it doesn’t fit “the social image”,
then it goes against the grain.
if you aren’t selling sex,
then you are pretty much out casted?
is this why we have to go spend hundreds of dollas at the gym?
i like a wolf that can make me laugh.
i also like to make a wolf laugh as well.
it seems if you make someone laugh,
or allow them to tap into some emotion,
you are “doing too much”.
it seems to be the story in the life.
almost every ig is the same individual with a different screen name.
everyone is so fuckin’ serious.

who can take the better picture”
“who looks like they fuck better”
“who wears the best clothes”
“who has the biggest butt cheeks”
“who has the best work out”

“who knows who?”

god forbid you get into a relationship in this life.

buy shit
go to the club

take selfies
repeat the next day

isn’t that boring?
do relationships survive if you both are bland?

or should you date someone boring and you have personality?
you know…
to balance it out?
“be yourself” and “live your truth they always say,
but it’s better to be “mean” and “boring af”.
well does that mean who can come out the closet better?
it seems being silly and fun is better for a friend than lover.
being too animated is intimidating your potentials.
so i had to ask the foxhole…

Is it un-attractive to have a personality in these forests?

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

10 thoughts on “Your Personality Is Keeping You Single”

  1. All about image man. I guess. Idk bro. I don’t do social media. I believe social media will be the demise of civilization and humanity as a whole. But what do I know? Lol. Im just trying to survive in this Trump world.

      1. Lol. You say that but I am and have been telling people to eat more vegetables. We are only doomed if we learned nothing from these next 4 years.

  2. Unattractive, no. Having a personality isn’t required these day. A pretty face, nice body and a few formers will get you everywhere on social media and nowhere in life.

      1. In real life, for people who are actually looking for love. No, personality is a turn on. On social media….I wouldn’t say it’s a turnoff, just not a requirement or it isn’t looked for.

  3. Social media is the beast that has gotten out of the box and it will never be contained and we as a society will never be the same. People now value image over everything else. People from all over the world like you based on a picture having no idea if you are crazy, got bad breath, a mess up attitude, personality, it doesnt matter. When some of these attentionista’s do display there personality or hidden talents most of us sort of write it off. We dont want to hear about your latest rap single, your latest acting gig or anything else about you, we just want to lust over your body. That is the brutal honest truth and I think that is why so many of them burn out so fast because they confuse those likes for real life likes and most could care less. I laugh now when I see so many of them talk about how they are going to go M.I.A or how they are going to block ghost followers or they are going to delete their accounts and never do because they are addicted to taking selfies with no shirts and eggplant bulges. We are no better, we keep going back for more. I have had a couple of attentionista’s even some featured on the foxhole like a couple of my workout pics or start following me on the Gram and I cant lie and not say I was flattered thinking little oh me caught the eye of famous social media guru LOL. I cant take it too serious though because what I present on my social media and who I am are two different things and I am sure it is the same way with the attentionista’s. As I have mentioned previously, many of them are socially awkward and never had any attention from anyone until they started pumping iron and became over night sensations. You see they have no other life but fixing chicken breast and posing in the gym and then begging you to help them pay their bills by buying their shitty online programs that you can get for free on Youtube. As gay men we are the shallowest men on the planet so we get caught up even more in the image over substance and wonder why we can never sustain a meaningful relationship. Just be yourself and the rest will take care of itself, there is somebody out here for us all. When you strip the muscle from your favorite attentionista you dont really have too much left that will make you want to stay.

  4. This was probably the best post I have read from you. You said everything that I always think about. The image and the facade of social media sometimes makes us who are “out of the loop” feel as though we just “do too much” or maybe not doing enough.

    But with the current social climate, we have to remember that social media is NOT real life. We can’t get too caught up in the hype and we have to remember that everything that glitters ISN’T gold. It’s a cliché, but it’s true!

    If you’re being your authentic self, than you in fact aren’t doing ANYTHING wrong. We need to stop living through social media and start living through our REAL lives and having real experiences that don’t always need to be captured on camera. THAT is what’s going to give you a better option of NOT being single.

    Just my two cents 🙂

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