Your Personality Is Keeping You Single

take a selfie
look good
don’t speak
don’t smile
look like your dog died
take a video
remove layers of clothing
smize into the camera
wait for likes
everyone likes you
happy camper

that is a regular day for someone on social media.
if you are an attentionisto,
it’s almost better to just be a mute with a bawdy.
what i’ve noticed tho…
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R.I.P Freddy E.


i thought this was a sad story.
i will admit that didn’t know of him.
the man commented on an entry i did make of this person i had yet to know.

entry here

who knew we would UN-officially meet under these circumstances?…

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So, I Have Seduced Yet Another Straight Wolf Again…

I don’t think I have much luck with “pure in the lifestyle” Wolves.
I don’t really fit in with them like others.
This is why clubs and chat sites never work out for me.
I usually for no reason of my own meet some Straight Wolf and he gets obsessed with me.
He will find a way to avoid me, yet still try to come close.
He will throw signs and, of course I never catch them because I don’t want to believe this Wolf is attracted to me.

I got the strangest text tonight…

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I Have Been Accused of Being a Shady Asswipe…

I have the right to remain silent.
Anything shady could be used against me…

People are funny characters.
They will do so much BULLSHIT to you,
but when they are at judgement’s courtroom for their wrong doings,
they are completely flabbergasted by any accusations.

You find it amusing.
They find you to be a bitch.

But, I never got why this happens mostly within “friendships” and even business.
Why is it that when you think things are going well, that big “BUT” is somewhere around the corner.
I had to ask…

Why can’t we all get along?

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